Angelstar 8744 Comfort Cross Worry Stone 1-1/2-Inch – Hour Loop
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Angelstar 8744 Comfort Cross Worry Stone 1-1/2-Inch

Angel Star

  • $ 740

Item Number: 8744
Dimensions: 1.25 x 0.20 x 1.50 inches

Place the cross in a visible place to remind you of new possibilities. Carry the cross in your pocket or purse as a reminder of your spiritual connection. Hold the cross in your hand as you pray, or while thinking of your loved ones. Give the cross as a present to a friend, someone you love, or pass it along to a stranger. Some have taken the cross into the delivery room at the birth of a new baby and plan to give the stone to the child when they are older. Others have given it to friends or loved ones who are grieving. Use your imagination... However you use the stone will be perfect for you. Use this unique stone in whatever way feels right for you. This may be different for each person at different times. Follow your heart. It is a VERY SMOOTH rounded oval shape pvc with the Comfort Cross embedded in the middle. The picture above is the stone lightened so you may see the beautiful cross inside the stone (it is only lit for the picture; it does not light on its own). The Worry Stone Comfort Cross comes with the following enclosure: "A cross to bring comfort And hope from above. Sent to remind you Of the present of God's love. Count all your blessings As you go through each day. Let God heal your heart In his own special way.

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