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CHH The Racing Horse Game

CHH The Racing Horse Game


  • $ 4600

  • The Racing Horse Game Light Brown
  • Brand Name: CHH
  • Color: Brown
  • It gives fun for the family
  • This Racing Horse Game Light is easy to transport

Item Number: CHH4200
Dimensions: 15.75 x 12.05 x 2.4 inches
Weight: 3.02 lb

CHH The Racing Horse Game CHH The Racing Horse Game is a game full of fun and exciting moments. Children move their horses along a single track. The move is determined by the roll of the dice. Age: 6 to 15 years Features Classic family game Fun family game Quality construction Fun filled Builds team spirit Includes Racing board Deck playing cards Multi-colored chips Dice Recommended Ages:6 - 15 Spend a fun day at the track with the Racing Horse Game. Roll the dice to move the horses along the sliding wooden track. Whoever holds the cards that match the number of the first horse to reach the end of the track wins. Game board measures approximately 15 1/2" long by 11 3/4" wide with 1 1/2" tall horses.

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