Alpine Village - Christmas Market Black Forest – Hour Loop
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Alpine Village - Christmas Market Black Forest

Department 56

  • $ 6500

Item Number: 4054960
Dimensions: 4.84" H x 3.03" W x 3.74" L

Welcome to Alpine Village by Department 56 - a series as unique as the towns and hamlets of the Alpine and Bavarian regions they represent. Christmas Markets date back to the 14th century and are made up of booths, each with a different theme. This year we have the Black Forest Clock Stand. Black Forest Clocks, carved by hand using wood from the Bavarian region are a German Tradition dating back centuries. Heavy metal weights, often in the shape of pinecones, gently tugged the clockworks for continual movement. This is the 9th in the series of Alpine Market booths. The booth is designed to replicate a Coo-Coo Clock. The clocks on display are set at 5 to 6 for Department 56. Notice the little Coo-Coo birdie at the top. The sign reads "Kuckucksuuhren" which means Coo-Coo clocks. At the top of the booth is a Stag head with carved oak leaves which are details of a traditional clock.