Trail of Painted Ponies Panda Paws – Hour Loop

Trail of Painted Ponies Panda Paws

Trail of Painted Ponies

  • $ 5000

Item Number: 4049713
Materials: Stone Resin, Brass
Dimensions: 7.09 in H x 2.4 in W x 6.73 in L

Panda Paws Artist: Lorna Matsuda Its white coat and prominent black eye patches make the Panda one of the most recognizable animals on earth, but it is also among the shyest and rarest. Considered a national treasure in China where it dwells in misty bamboo forests, it was once hunted in the belief its colorful pelt provided magical protection against evil spirits. Now, there are a thousand or so left in the wild, which is why it is on the Endangered Species List. “Panda Paws” is this Canadian artist’s way of keeping this adorable, gentle giant alive and well in our thoughts.

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