Trail of Painted Ponies Little Big Horse – Hour Loop

Trail of Painted Ponies Little Big Horse

Trail of Painted Ponies

  • $ 5200

Item Number: 4053765
Materials: Stone Resin, Brass
Dimensions: 7.5 in H x 2.5 in W x 10.2 in L

Artist/Sculptor: Kathleen Moody A Tribute to the Norwegian Fjord Horse... There’s a good reason why the Norwegian Fjord Horse was the inspiration for the horse in the animated Disney hit, “Frozen.” A reason beyond the way its expressive eyes, amiable nature, charming personality, and distinctive crescent-shaped mane made it an endearing character, as distinctive in appearance as a unicorn. Selectively bred by Vikings to be hard-working, dependable and “bomb proof”, a Fjord was perfectly cast as a little horse with a big heart.

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