Enesco - Ancient Dreams Figurine – Hour Loop

Enesco - Ancient Dreams Figurine


  • $ 5000

Item Number: 4058156
Materials: Resin, Brass
Dimensions: 6 in H x 2.5 in W x 6.8 in L

Brand New Trail of Painted Ponies Ancient Dreams Figurine In ancient times, a small group of Indian people occupied remote villages along river drainages in the desert Southwest. Climate change and warfare caused them to disperse, and they effectively died out as a tribe. When Spanish explorers arrived in the New World, the only things left of the Hohokum were the elaborate irrigation canals they had dug, and pots and shards stunningly decorated with a distinct style that was defined by red geometric designs repeated in small motifs over buffware, and is remembered by this award-winning New Mexico painter. A Standard Edition figurine is an open-numbered casting that comes with a Story Card inside an attractive, laminated box that completes the collectability of every Painted Pony. 

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