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Enesco kimmidoll Tomomi Friend Maxi Doll


  • $ 2000

Item Number: 4059042
Dimensions: 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 inches

The kimmidoll brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example of this simplistic Eastern beauty. It is this philosophy of bestowing luck and good fortune upon friends and family that is behind the creation of the kimmidoll brand. Kimmidoll are contemporary collectible dolls combining a fusion of traditional and modern creative sensibility. The beauty of the kimmidoll range lies in the gorgeous inspirational values that each doll expresses. While they look individual, there is one philosophy that all the kimmidoll share, and that is about celebrating important values in the journey of life such as kindness, happiness, joy and respect. The kimmidoll range allows you to celebrate these values with your friends and family. Each gorgeous kimmidoll comes with its own collectors card. The kimmidoll design philosophy is inspired by the beauty of nature and the world around us, as well as the inspirational values that each doll represents. The design team infuse much love and care into each kimmidoll design. The artwork and graphics used on each kimmidoll is inspired by traditional Eastern artwork and contemporary Western artwork symbolism. Each design attempts to achieve a balance between the two cultures to create kimmidoll characters that are modern and that the kimmidoll collector can identify with.

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