Hershey's Remember Your First Canisters Set of 3 – Hour Loop
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Hershey's Remember Your First Canisters Set of 3

Fitz and Floyd

  • $ 4500

Item Number: HER12051
Dimensions: 5.50 x 5.50 x 9.00 inches

Do you remember your first Hershey's experience? The crinkle of the wrapper, the adorable iconic shape of a kiss. The distinctive sound of a can opener puncturing a tin lid, or the satisfying "pop!" of a yellow lid being pulled off a syrup can. For many of us, just hearing one of those sounds brings back fond childhood memories. Now you can recapture that nostalgia and share the smiles with the Fitz and Floyd Hershey's Remember Your First collection. Bring a classic look to your kitchen countertop with this set of three canisters. The smallest canister holds 19oz and is 5" tall, the medium holds 49oz and is 7" tall and the largest holds 87oz and is 9" tall. Each canister has a unique yet unmistakably Hershey's retro look, ranging from a vintage label to a timeless celebration of the iconic Hershey's Kiss. Perfect for holding candies, cookies, coffee beans or anything else you need to help minimize counter clutter!.