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Kala MK-S/PACK Makala Soprano Ukulele Pack

Kala MK-S/PACK Makala Soprano Ukulele Pack


  • $ 10320

  • The MK-S Pack includes a Makala Classic Soprano ukulele, clip-on tuner, gig bag, and instruction pamphlet
  • The Makala Classic Soprano ukulele is excellent for the novice or intermediate player
  • The inexpensive Makala Classics are comfortable and easy to play
  • Fits all Kala soprano sized bags and cases
  • Material: Mahogany, Rosewood

Item Number: MK-S/PACK
Dimensions: 22.5 x 9.0 x 5.0 inches
Weight: 2.27 lb

We are Kala Brand Music Co. and we are from Petaluma, CA. Our hometown is nestled in the Sonoma wine country and a harbor to an eclectic mix of artists, farmers, breweries and tech companies. We are a community deeply rooted in creativity and culture, spread across the many platforms and mediums of art, food, dairy, and music. Our character stems from our hometown drawing influence from Petaluma’s turn of the century downtown, its Gold Rush history and the modern meets historical vibe. We know it isn’t Hawaii, the birthplace of the ukulele, but it’s the birthplace of our ukulele—the handmade Kala Elite USA ukulele.

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