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Park Designs

Cornbread Braided Rectangle Rug - 27 x 45

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Item Number: 443-434
Dimensions: 45.00 x 27.00 x 0.25 inches

Cornbread Braided Rectangle Rug - 27" x 45" 27" Wide x 45" Long.Colors of black, tan, and cream. Priced and sold individually. 100% cotton. Occasional vacuuming recommended. Spills should be cleaned immediately with a very mild non-bleach cleaner. Test in a small space as some cleaners will remove color. Use a non-skid rug liner under the rug to improve skid resistance and to prevent color transfer. Over time, rugs will fade. It is recommended to rotate the rug and occasionally flip it to extend the life of the rug. Designed and manufactured by Park Designs.