Polder 210201 Deluxe Steel Bread Box White – Hour Loop
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Polder 210201 Deluxe Steel Bread Box White


  • $ 2750

Item Number: 210201
Dimensions: 17.00 x 10.00 x 7.00 inches

"Bread box" is a term your grandmother knows. That's where she stored her bread, cookies, and muffins--not in the refrigerator, where baked goods quickly go stale. Her bread box was likely made of tin. This one is made of steel, durable enough to survive into the next century. The bread-box principle remains as true today as it was in your grandmother's time: to stay fresh, bread and baked goods need air--but not too much. This box lets in just enough air so that loaves don't get soggy and crusts stay crisp. Like its function, the form of this box is pleasingly retro.