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Primitives By Kathy

Primitives By Kathy 14 x 20 Naughty or Nice Linen Santa Claus Throw Pillow

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Item Number: 20193
Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 3 inches

Off white linen with red screen print "Have you been good, the way you should" asks the beautifully screen printed Naughty or Nice Christmas Pillow. This fourteen by twenty inch 100% linen pillow is a fun addition to your holiday decoration scheme. The off white linen color contrasts the bright red print of Santa, his hands in a balance, weighing between the good and the naughty. At the bottom the bag reads " Coal Company. Made by Elves" You are sure to stop and think about your good and bad behavior after one look at this whimsical little pillow. A great addition to holiday couches or as a centerpiece on your window ledge or hearth, the Naughty or Nice Pillow is long lasting and will endure through many a holiday season.