Sunset Vista - Vintage Copper Spinner Stake 30 – Hour Loop
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Sunset Vista - Vintage Copper Spinner Stake 30

Sunset Vista

  • $ 2000

Item Number: 92349
Dimensions: 29.25 x 11.25 x 2.00 inches

The Here Comes the Sun collection brings wind spinners that dance in the breeze, capture attention, mesmerize and delight. With just a little wind, these spinners are ready to shine as cheery decor. Ideal as gifts or as decorative garden art to keep for yourself, these kinetic spinners will move with eye catching beauty for years to come. The design team at Sunset Vista is constantly looking for fresh, fun home and garden ideas and partnering with remarkable artists in all traditions to bring creative products to their customers. For years, they've been design leaders in outdoor, indoor and seasonal decor. The product range includes solar garden art, wind chimes, spinners, plant picks, whimsical sign, hummingbird feeders, bird houses, frames, wine charms and more! Whether it's a gift for a friend, loved one, colleague, or co-worker, or, best of all, one for yourself, turn to Sunset Vista for something special, something fun and something they'll remember.