10 Disney Inspired Picnics for Fall


With fall almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to squeeze a family picnic into the last of the nice weather for the year, and no picnic is as fun as one that is done, #DisneyStyle!
Themed around some of our favorite Disney films, these Disney picnic ideas are easy to assemble, and can be tailored to suit your family. And, if the weather doesn’t work in your favor, you can always create a picnic on your living room floor while you relax with a Disney film.
We hope you will enjoy these ten Disney-inspired picnics which are not only fun, but are delicious and family-friendly.





Inspired by the Rapunzel movie, this picnic is sure to thrill the kids, and add a little light to your fall picnic.

Here’s our top ideas for a Tangled inspired picnic:

  • Fruits and vegetables cut out in a sun shape
  • Orange ‘boats’ (an orange, quartered) floating on a bed of blue jelly, in a clear plastic cup
  • Braided breads
  • ‘Rapunzel hair’ spaghetti
  • Apple for Maximus
  • Mother Gothel’s ‘Hazelnut Soup’



Winnie the Pooh



Inspired by everyone’s favorite friendly bear, these snacks will fit perfectly into a picnic setting and will feel as though you have been transported into Hundred Acre Wood.

Here’s our top ideas for a Winnie the Pooh inspired picnic:

  • Baby carrots
  • ‘Tigger oranges’ – oranges striped with a sharpie
  • Honey cake
  • Bee sandwiches
  • ‘Piglets in a Blanket’
  • Tigger’s tails (Cheez Doodles)
  • ‘Kanga’s Pouches’ (Salad filled pita pockets)
  • Gummi Bears





Beauty and the Beast


Inspired by a tale as old as time, this picnic is fit for a princess (or a Beast!) and is the perfect theme for a romantic, whimsical picnic with that someone special. 

Here’s our top ideas for a Beauty and the Beast inspired picnic:

  • Apple roses
  • Buttered baguette
  • Cupcakes with grey icing – try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!
  • Chip’s chips (potato crisps)
  • Potts English breakfast tea
  • Tiny finger sandwiches

And don’t forget the Rose champagne!






Inspired by this early Disney classic, this picnic is perfect for a light lunch before the ball. But be careful -if you don’t eat it, you might turn into a pumpkin!

Here’s our top ideas for a Cinderella inspired picnic:

  • Cheese cubes for Gus
  • Mandarin pumpkins
  • ‘Magic Wands’ (star sandwiches with peanut butter, and a pretzel pushed into the middle
  • Hershey’s ‘Midnight Kisses’
  • Pumpkin soup



Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Inspired by the pioneer of the Disney world, this picnic is sure to be a crowd pleaser! If you love the mouse who started it all, then try this colourful, fun picnic that will be enjoyed by both young and old.

Here’s our top ideas for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse inspired picnic:

  • Mickey Cupcakes (with oreos for ears!)
  • Hot ‘Diggity’ dogs
  • Mickey head-shaped pancakes
  • Club(house) sandwiches
  • ‘Minnie’ Pizzas (made with mini pita breads)
  • Donald’s cheese and ‘quackers’
  • Corn on the cob – “We’ve got ears, say cheers!”

And don’t forget to bring your Mouskatools (knives and forks)!



Finding Nemo



Inspired by the world’s most famous clownfish, these sea-themed snacks are the perfect way to enjoy a cooling beach-side picnic.

Here’s our top ideas for a Finding Nemo inspired picnic:

  • ‘Crush rolls’ (bread rolls with gherkins)
  • ‘Nemo Mandarins’
  • ‘Seaweed Skewers’ (made with grapes and cucumber)
  • ‘Ocean Bubbles’ soda
  • ‘Shark Teeth’ cheese triangles
  • Goldfish crackers – just remember “Fish are friends. Not food.”
  • Sandwiches, cut into starfish
  • ‘Driftwood’ pretzel sticks



Monster’s Inc.


Inspired by the pioneer of the Disney world, this picnic is sure to be a crowd pleaser! If you love the mouse who started it all, then try this colourful, fun picnic that will be enjoyed by both young and old.

Here’s our top ideas for a Monster’s Inc. inspired picnic:

  • ‘Mike Wasowski’s eyes’ (green grapes)
  • ‘Monster Juice’ (green cordial)
  • Smore ‘doors’
  • Sulley cake jars (click HERE for instructions)
  • ‘Monster’ burgers



 The Little Mermaid


Inspired by the beloved Disney mermaid, this picnic is a must-do for fans who want to experience a little, ‘Under the Sea’. Whether you are enjoying a picnic by the seaside, or wrapped up in bed with this classic ocean film, let this picnic be a part of your world.

Here’s our top ideas for a The Little Mermaid inspired picnic:

  • Cake balls with ‘dinglehoppers’
  • Blue ‘under the sea’ jello (with fish lollies!)
  • Crackers with ‘seaweed’ spinach dip
  • Corn chips (shark’s teeth)
  • Shell pasta salad
  • Weener Octopuses


Toy Story 


Inspired by this pixar classic, this picnic will bring out the inner child in everyone. If you can’t get enough of Buzz, Woody and the gang, then this is the picnic for you! Grab your own round-up gang, and your favorite toys and hit the park for an afternoon of fun!

Here’s our top ideas for a Toy Story inspired picnic:

  • ‘Pizza Planet’ pizza
  • ‘Hamm’s’ pigs in a blanket
  • ‘There’s a Snake in My Boots’ sweets
  • ‘Mr. Potato Head’ fries
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Red Vines ‘lasers’
  • Water bottles, in case “someone’s poisoned the water hole”





Inspired by the 2013 smash hit, this picnic is perfect for anyone that just can’t “Let it Go!”

Here’s our top ideas for a Frozen inspired picnic:

  • ‘Frozen’ strawberries (dipped in white chocolate)
  • Marshmallows on a pretzel stick, ‘Olaf’
  • ‘Olaf’s Nose’ (baby carrots) and ‘Olaf’s Buttons’ (black olives) with dip
  • Frosted white donuts
  • ‘Melted Snowmen’ water bottles
  • White chocolate popcorn balls, with blue M&Ms
  • ‘We Finish Each Other’s’ sandwiches


We hope you have enjoyed these Disney picnics, and make one for your family this Fall.



Let us know which one is your favorite, and be sure to check out our range of Disney figurines.



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