The Disney Bucket List


What is the Disney Bucket List?

Now we’ve all heard of a ‘bucket list’, but this Disney Bucket list is the ultimate list of Disney related activities, goals, experiences and adventures that every Disney fan should have done by the time they ‘kick the bucket’.


What’s Different About the Disney Bucket List?

This is not just a scraggly list of "things to do before death"  - this is a list of Disney related things that you want to do before you kick 'the bucket' - with a strong intention of doing those things. The Disney Bucket List is a list of goals that you want to start aiming for right away - not because you are going to die, but because you are going to LIVE….#DisneyStyle.

Making your very own Disney bucket list is a fantastic way to officially establish the Disney things that you really want to make happen in your lifetime, and to share them with people. Though it’s a very personal list, having the public accountability can make the motivation for achieving these Disney goals higher. You may want to publish it on a blog, a social media account, or write it out and stick it on the fridge.

Ideally, the Disney bucket list should be an evolving, fluid list that builds on itself and is constantly in progress. The idea is that it has small achievements that you can work on right now, mark off and then progress to the next goal as well as larger goals which you can work toward. You can also add goals onto it throughout life, when smaller goals are achieved, when opportunities present themselves, or when you feel that fresh priorities and goals need to be included.


How Does the List Work? 


The list has three levels: 


For Every Disnerd

These are the goals that we feel every Disney fan should complete!


For the Extreme Disnerd

These goals are more challenging, and are for the more serious, committed Disney fan.



These bucket list goals are for those who want to not only complete Disney related tasks, but who want to absorb the true meaning of Disney into their everyday lives.

How Do I Start? 

If you want to add a little Disney magic to your life, then you need a Disney Bucket List! Steal our list and start making it happen, or create your own using our list as inspiration.

Making the list is the first step in making your Disney dreams, become a reality.



The List


For Every Disnerd


  • Go to a Disney Park
  • Get a Disney tattoo

  • Visit the Walt Disney
  • Family Museum
  • Stay in a Disney hotel
  • Become an annual passport holder
  • Make all the meals in a Disney cookbook

  • Go on a Disney cruise
  • Wear only Disney clothes for a month
  • Celebrate Halloween by dressing up as your favorite Disney character
  • Have Disney portraits done

  • Go on a Disney shopping spree
  • Visit Walt Disney Studios in California
  • Watch every Disney film, in order of their original release
  • Paint Disney nails 

  • See a Disney Broadway show
  • Join D23
  • Attend a D23 convention
  • See a Disney on Ice show
  • Attend a Disney fashion show
  • Have a Disney themed room in your home



For the Extreme Disnerd

  • Visit every Disney Park
    • California
    • Florida
    • Tokyo
    • Paris
    • Hong Kong
    • Shanghai

  • Visit Disneyland on every major holiday
    • Easter
    • Mardi Gras
    • Chinese New Year
    • St Patrick’s Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
    • New Year’s
    • Mother’s Day
    • Independence Day

    • Go on every ride at a Disneyland park
    • Participate in the Disney College Program
    • Become a Disneyland cast member
    • Spot someone famous at Disneyland

        • Go on every Disney cruise
        • See every Disney Broadway show
        • Shoot hoops in the secret Matterhorn basketball court
        • Earn the Disney Coast to Coast medal
        • Fly on a Disney aeroplane

        • Dine at Club 33
        • Stay in Cinderella’s castle suite
        • Live in Disney World’s Golden Oak village
        • Eat at every Disney restaurant in a park
        • Attend a wedding, or get married at Disney World’s wedding pavilion
        • Eat ‘the kitchen sink’ dessert

        • Become a Disney mountaineer by conquering the ranges in a single day
        • Gain the autographs of every Disney character within the parks




        If you have finished everything on our basic and extreme lists, then why not try checking off our #DisneyStyle bucket list? To complete the list, ensure you have done all of the following:

        • Painted with all the colors of the wind

        • Found true love’s kiss
        • Gone to infinity and beyond
        • Escaped to Neverland with Peter Pan
        • Brought honor to your family
        • Had the dream that you wish come true

        • Visited a Wonderland
        • Become twitterpated
        • Let your conscious be your guide
        • Had an adventure in the great wide somewhere
        • Explored a whole new world
        • Looked for the bare necessities
        • ‘Hakuna Matata’

        • Had a Jolly Holiday
        • Lived Happily Ever After
        • At last, seen the light
        • Had a tale as old as time
        • Danced with someone once upon a dream
        • Sang like a sweet nightingale
        • Whistled while you worked
        • Had a friend like me
        • Stayed one jump ahead


        Leave a comment letting us know what is on YOUR Disney bucket list!


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