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For 24 year old urban Melbournite Kim Shotter, there is nothing more enjoyable than collecting Disney. Except for perhaps working on her own collection of Disney inspired artwork.  

A self-confessed Disnerd since childhood, Kim grew up watching VHS tapes which, as an adult, she has now replaced with DVD and Blu-Ray versions. Her all-time favorite Disney movie is Aladdin, but as an adult she has come to love Tangled and Frozen.


Love Is an Open Door


Kim and her fiancé Kyle have been engaged for almost three years, and are planning on getting married on March 7th, 2016 where her best friend and fellow Disney collector Belinda will be her bridesmaid. (To read about bridesmaid Belinda’s own passion for all things Disney, go here.)

The wedding is shaping up to be a lavish affair, with delicate touches that incorporate the personalities of the bride and groom-to-be. The ceremony and reception will feature lots of snowflakes, loosely following a Frozen theme with a Marvel Comics tie in, to incorporate her fiancés passion for all things ‘superhero’.

 Kim’s gown is a Belle inspired, exquisite creation from bridal designer Alfred Angelo’s line of Disney Fairy Tale gowns. The dress itself is a beautiful, full length ball gown that features a cathedral train and crystal beading. Offsetting Kim’s dress will be a single red rose which she will carry down the aisle, inspired by the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast. Plush toys and photos of Olaf and Sven will add decorative touches to her wedding tables and pop vinyl figures from Frozen will stand in for cake toppers.

 Kim is lucky to have a very understanding fiancé in Kyle. Kyle loves to buy Kim Disney collectables for gifts and even admits to having a certain affection for the Lilo and Stitch and Tangled pieces that feature in her collection. Kim is confident that Kyle’s secret love for Disney will one day expose itself;

  ‘He’s a closet fan. He doesn’t always admit it, but I know.”

 Kim’s hopefulness may be just wishful thinking, as Kyle has his own weakness for DC Heroes, including Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern.

 Every Disney fan knows that the ultimate dream lies in visiting one magical place: Disneyland. Last year, Kim was able to go to Disney on Ice, but still holds high hopes for a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. Being born and bred in California, USA, Kim’s fiancé Kyle is very familiar with Disneyland, having been before. Kim and Kyle are currently contemplating postponing their honeymoon to include a Disneyland trip to fulfil Kim’s lifelong dream of going there.


In a World of My Own


Though Kim grew up on classic Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, her true love lies with more modern Disney films such as Tangled and Frozen.  Being a lover of snowflakes has meant that Kim has come to feel a natural affinity for Frozen’s wintry backdrop and its icy protagonist Elsa. Frozen’s stunning artwork has lured in artists all over the globe, who hail the film for its detailed character design and striking use of scenery and architecture.  

“My favourite Disney movie these days is Tangled. I have watched it a lot! But…I'm also in love with the art and how visually amazing Frozen is.”

Kim’s Disney figurine collection is set up in several categories according to their movie groups, symmetry and style – but this changes according to her artistic opinion at the time!

Plush toys also feature in Kim’s collection, as do Disney clothes, Itty Bitty’s, Pop Vinyl figures, DVDs, as well as Frozen themed garden ornaments and even Disney underwear!


Just around the river bend, beyond the Shore



The pinnacle of Kim’s collection is her beautiful assemblage of Disney Traditions pieces by beloved Disney artist Jim Shore.

“I received my very first piece for my 21st birthday in November 2011. I instantly fell in love with them as soon as I saw my Winnie the Pooh and Piglet piece ‘Together Forever’.”

Little did Kim know that this treasured piece would go onto develop into a serious collection by the end of 2013, now totalling over 40 pieces - most of which are Jim Shore. A few key pieces from Bradford Exchange and Swarovski also add elegance to her collection, though she still cites her favourite pieces as Ariel ‘Twilight Serenade’ – a Jim Shore piece.  Kim’s passion for Jim Shore pieces stems from her passion as an artist, for all things beautifully crafted;

“As an artist I understand the impossibility of finding a style that is your own…a style that reminds people instantly of your work. Jim Shore has definitely accomplished this and I love how one can instantly recognise a piece as his design.”

To see more pieces from Jim Shore’s Disney Traditions collection, go here.


A Dream is a Wish Your Art Makes

Kim, as well as her fiancé Kyle are both artists, and have a soft spot for Disney concept art.

For Kim, creating amazing, Disney inspired artwork is as simple as walking – and she has been doing both from a young age! In Kim’s view, Disney encompasses so much style and depth to its characters that the possibilities for Disney inspired artwork of her own is endless.

“I love their expressions. Their eyes. I have drawn a lot of different styles like anime, realistic, pets, people, comic book style but I always come back to Disney.”

Kim’s biggest fan lies in her best friend Belinda, whom Kim regularly creates beautiful artwork for. Kim uses several mediums when creating her pieces, including Prismacolor Derwent and Faber Castell coloured pencils, blending pencils, ink pens and acrylic paint.

Kim’s pieces take pride of place in Belinda’s bedroom and are often complimented by visitors. While she does sell her pieces on Etsy, Kim’s main motivating factor for creating Disney inspired art is to be able to gift it to her friends and family, and for her own enjoyment.

 “I consider my sketchbooks part of my Disney collection. These are full of Disney art. I enjoy nothing more than Disney art.”


Though Kim’s beautiful artwork is normally sold through word of mouth, it is also available on her Etsy page.

If you would like to follow her on Instagram, click here.  


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