A Tale of Two Sisters

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Once Upon a Time, there were two sisters who loved Disney more than anything. Not only did they combine forces to collect everything Disney, but they coloured their hair, tattooed their bodies, purchased a new Disney inspired wardrobe, travelled to Disneyland and decorated their homes - all in the name of the iconic mouse.




Disney Down Under

For Amber (28) and Lacey (23), Disney began as children, watching Alice in Wonderland on VHS.  Born and raised in Auckland, their collections began as children with their family purchasing them Disney books, toys and movies.

These fleeting memories and childhood keepsakes went onto develop in the sisters, a lifelong passion for Disney, and an infatuation that stayed with both girls. As adults, Amber and Lacey decided to make their collection official;

“I’ve still got my Disney books from when I was a kid, but my first pieces I bought as an adult for my collection were figurine sets - The Nightmare before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid.”

                                                                                                                                                                  - Lacey


Selling Their Soul to Disney

These delightful sisters’ are so Disney crazy that their obsession doesn’t simply live on a bookshelf, in a DVD player or in their early recollection - their overwhelming passion for all things Disney has even made it onto their bodies!

Not only is their hair colour Disney-inspired, but so is their choice of clothes, and even their skin.

“I’ve dyed my hair different colours for years but always go back to bright red just like Ariel. I also have Mickey and Minnie Mouse head tattoos underneath my elbows and a big Snow White piece on my ribs.”

                                                                                                                                                                  - Lacey

“We both have a couple of Disney tattoos – I have a small Mickey Mouse head on my wrist and Roger and Jessica Rabbit on my thighs.“

                                                                                                                                                                  - Amber

Both of the girl’s tattoos are unfinished, with coloring to be added by the end of this year. Both the girls have had their tattoos done by a local artist who is a Disney fan and specialises in Disney tattoos.

Once their current pieces are completed, Lacey and Amber both have grand plans for further ink work. Lacey has her heart set on a Sleeping Beauty sleeve as well as a Mickey and Minnie of her own, while Lacey is looking forward to getting a large Little Mermaid piece in the near future;

“This definitely won't be my last Disney tattoo”


The girls also aim to wear Disney clothing as often as they can, both confessing that most of their wardrobe is influenced by Disney, and that they have had to buy most of it online due to difficulties in accessing Disney clothing in New Zealand.

The girls have Disney clothes galore! Dresses, skirts, tights, t-shirts, singlet’s, jumpers, pyjamas, undies, socks, shoes and dressing gowns.

Lacey, who works as a music advisor in an audio-visual store, often wears her Disney clothing to work and gets a lot of compliments from fans and co-workers. Amber’s clothing is popular among her son’s elementary school friends, with little girls admiring her clothes when she drops off her boys at school each morning.

The girls Disney collection also includes Dvds, clothing, dolls, plush toys, figurines, candy, homeware, kitchenware, jewellery, Christmas decorations, fragrances, artwork, jigsaw puzzles, books and stationery. They even consider their tattoos a part of their collection.

“We collect ANYTHING related to Disney.”


Playing Favorites

Amber and Lacey’s Disney dresses are among their favorite pieces, but each sister also has her own taste, and her own pieces which are close to her heart.

For Amber, this is her Jessica Rabbit statue. This piece was purchased when she went over to Disneyland and is a beautiful, glittery depiction of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit seductress. Other runner-up favorites include a Snow White Evil Queen candy bowl and a Beauty and the Beast ‘Chip’ mug gifted to her.

Lacey’s favourite piece is her Ariel snowglobe which Amber gave her for Christmas. This lovely Jim Shore piece takes pride of place in Lacey’s home and is particularly special because of Lacey’s passion for all things mermaid. A Romero Britto ‘Marie’ from The Aristocats is also among the top choices from Lacey’s collection.


With all of these amazing pieces in their collection, the girls still long for those not-yet-attained dreams. For Lacey it is owning the entire collection of Disney soundtracks on Vinyl. She currently has Frozen and Pinocchio but the difficulty in sourcing these collectable items has prevented her from completing her collection. For Amber, it is having a complete Mickey Mouse themed kitchen. She is also working on a themed Disney room in her home to keep all her Disney loot in and would love to see this to completion.

 The sisters have very different ideas about which Disney movies are the best ones. Amber claims Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Who Framed Roger Rabbit take out the top spots, while Lacey argues for Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and The Aristocats. One thing is clear…these girls have a soft spot for the Disney classics they enjoyed as children growing up in 90’s New Zealand.

As well as buying everything they can get their hands on, the girls also make sure that they get to Disney on Ice every year, and Amber was able to visit Disneyland California in 2012, fulfilling a dream;

“My favourite ride was Big Thunder Mountain and I LOVED Fantasyland! I was so excited that I had really bad chest pains on the tram ride and walking into Disneyland. It was probably the happiest day of my life - the atmosphere is incredible. It really is The Happiest Place on Earth! I also watch people's videos on YouTube of their holidays at Disneyland.”

The lucky thing even has a second trip booked for October of this year!

Family Ties

Amber, as well as being a Communications Manager is also mother to two boys aged 6 and 8. Not surprisingly, they have lapped up her love of Disney and have even taken to their own parts of the worldwide franchise;

“I have 2 young sons who are also completely into Disney as well! They love Toy Story, Jungle Book, Cars and Big Hero 6 so they love my Disney collection.”

Lacey and Amber’s mother, however, is not quite as pleased with their Disney hoarding as Amber’s children;

“Our Mom doesn’t really understand our Disney obsession and thinks it’s a waste of money.”

While the lady makes a good case, at this moment, Disney fans all over the world are reading that last statement and shaking their heads in disapproval.




To take a look at Amber and Lacey’s favorite Disney characters, or to start your very own Disney Collection like these fabulous sisters have done, go HERE

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    Wow, that’s dedication! Also, I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who totally own up to their obsessions instead of being embarrassed and claiming “oh, it’s just a guilty pleasure!” I’m one of those people, along with these awesome sisters and I think we rock!

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