47 Unanswered Questions in 20 Disney Movies



Here at HourLoop, we just can’t get enough of Disney. Being able to showcase the amazing collections of Disney fans around the world, report on Disney news and keep you up to date on the latest Disney facts, products, characters and more brings us great joy. We have watched every Disney movie many times over. In fact, we are such big fans that we have come to be familiar with even minor detail of the films, such as inconsistencies in the plot and questions that the story and the characters raise. Sometimes, these questions go unanswered, and that’s what we want to discuss here.

We have noticed that there are some unresolved issues in 20 different Disney movies, that raise some serious questions. These unanswered questions range from the relatively minor, to the truly bizarre.

Follow us as we go through 20 Disney movies that left us with unanswered questions. If you know the answer to any of them - please let us know!




  • What would have happened if someone else fit the slipper, before Cinderella tried it on? Was she the only person in the whole kingdom who wore that shoe size?
  • What happened to her step-family once she married?
  • Why didn’t her glass slippers also change back at midnight, like the rest of the outfit the Fairy Godmother transformed for her?



Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • What happens to all of the diamonds that the dwarves mine? They obviously don’t keep them because they live in a modest home, all together.



Alice in Wonderland

  • Did the Mad Hatter actually have ‘mad hatter disease’ (mercury poisoning), or was this merely a title?



Sleeping Beauty

  • Why did Maleficent wait 16 years to send her Raven out to find Aurora? Once she sent him out, the girl was located within one day.



One Hundred and One Dalmatians

  • Why were Anita and Cruella friends? There’s clearly a vast age difference and Anita is a dog lover. Would Cruella’s animal-based clothing not have put her off?
  • How did Roger and Anita plan to raise 101 dogs on their income?




  • Why doesn’t he have facial hair?




Finding Nemo

  • How did Nemo’s fin get damaged when the attack on his home happened while he was still an egg? Had he developed fins already by that early stage of his life?



The Jungle Book

  • What happened to Mowgli’s parents?
  • How did Mowgli settle into human civilisation so quickly? He was raised in the jungle but is quickly able to use a fork and speak English.




The Little Mermaid

  • Why didn’t Ariel immediately write down her whole story and hand it to Prince Eric? We know she can write since she signed a contract with Ursula.
  • Why did Ursula used to live in the palace, and why does she no longer live there?
  • Why does Sebastian have a Caribbean accent when the film is set off the coast of Western Europe? There is no way that a crab could travel that far, nor could it survive in the temperatures of Denmark’s ocean climate.
  • What did Ariel do between the wedding announcement, and the actual ceremony?
  • How did Ursula paint her nails, underwater?




Beauty and the Beast


  • Why did Belle leaving to rescue her father have to be a ‘forever’ situation? The Beast told her not to come back, but she could easily have helped her father and then returned.
  • Where were Beast’s parents? We know that he was cursed as a child, and was only a prince, so where is the king and queen?
  • How old was Chip when he was cursed? The dialogue of the film tells us that the residents of the house have been living under the curse for ten years, but Chip comes across as younger than ten. Did Mrs. Potts give birth to him when she was a teapot?
  • Why didn’t the Beast know how to use a fork? He used to be human.
  • Why do only two characters have French accents, despite the story being set in provincial France?
  • Why did the Beast allow Maurice to go when he would inevitably go and tell the local authorities?
  • How did the townspeople forget about the Prince living in the castle in the woods?




The Lion King

  • Why did Timon and Pumba not appear to age over the timeline of the story?
  • Why was there a severe draught immediately after Scar’s coronation, and torrential rain right after his death? Do the lions control the weather in Pride Rock?
  • What was Scar’s name before he got his scar?
  • Why didn’t Scar kill Simba when he killed Mufasa? It would have been easier than making up a story and hoping Simba would never resurface.





  • How is Pocahontas able to speak to John Smith in English, when he is the first English-speaking person she has even encountered before?




Toy Story

  • If Buzz is convinced that he is a Space Ranger, and not a toy, why does he freeze around humans like the rest of Andy’s toys? Herd mentality, perhaps?





  • If Zeus is the leader of the Greek gods, why couldn’t he have recovered Hercules after he was taken?



Monsters, Inc.

  • Why hadn’t Boo’s parents put out an amber alert? She had been missing from her bedroom for an entire day.





  • Why was Wall-E the only survivor?





  • Who is supposed to be taking care of Russell?




  • Why did Rapunzel never question Mother Gothel’s reasons for having her live in a tower?
  • How did Mother Gothel know what to sing in order to activate the magical flower, and then Rapunzel’s hair?





  • How did Elsa get her magic?
  • Why didn’t Olaf melt when he visited the trolls? There was no snow and there was hot geysers.
  • Why did Anna have to be locked up? Elsa was deemed to be dangerous, but Anna was free to go outside.
  • What will happen to Olaf when Elsa dies?
  • How has Elsa managed to avoid becoming emotionally disturbed after her isolated upbringing?
  • Where are Kristof’s parents, and why was he raised by trolls?
  • Who ruled Arendelle in the time between Elsa and Anna’s parent’s deaths and their coming of age?





  • What happened to all of the people that the Genie created for Prince Ali’s parade?
  • Was the Genie not able to make Aladdin a prince? Jafar recognised him as a ‘street rat’ so Aladdin’s background hadn’t changed. The Genie simply made him look like a prince.
  • Why was Aladdin the ‘Diamond in the Rough’?
  • How can the Genie have knowledge of figures and events from the future?




Can you answer any of these unresolved Disney issues? If you have a theory, or an explanation, then please share it in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our range of beautiful Disney figurines at Hourloop




  • Pepa

    Why do almost ALL the princesses just decide to marry someone they just met? Thats kind of stupid…

  • Pepa

    Why dosen’t rapunzels hair grow after its been cut?

  • Pepa

    I also have another question: how come ariels hair never apears to be wet? I wish my hair would do that…

  • jacob

    mine isn’t really a comment, but another deep unanswered question. what might have happened if the secret government in the incredibles didn’t decide to switch heroes? what if frozone had been picked instead?

  • amy

    when elsa dies, then olaf dies.

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