The Top Three Disney Halloween Movies

Whether it’s a made-for-the Disney-channel movie, or a blockbuster for the big screen…nobody does Halloween like Disney. If you are looking to have a spook-tacular time then look no further than this list of fang-tastic films!  

 Let your Halloween be a real treat with….



The Top Three Disney Halloween Movies



 We give you the top three Disney Halloween movies that will both scare and satisfy children, and adults alike.




 1. Hocus Pocus (1993)












It’s not surprising that this fantastic film takes out the number one spot on the list.

Though the film contains quintessential 90s fashion and language, 20 years later, it never disappoints. Hocus Pocus makes most lists of popular Halloween movies, and is by far the best one that the Walt Disney Co. has produced to date.

Hocus Pocus opens with three witches who are hanged in the 17th century for stealing the life force from local children in Salem in order to maintain their youth and beauty. In a flash forward, a local boy who is new to the area accidentally brings the witches back from the dead, setting in motion a chain of disastrous events which take place on Halloween night.

If you are looking for a treat, rather than a trick, then you can’t go wrong with this tale of three fabulous witches and their three-hundred year vendetta.  




2.  The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Following closely behind is the infamous Tim Burton film of the same year…The Nightmare Before Christmas. Though the film is about Christmas as much as it is about Halloween, it still makes for hauntingly happy Halloween viewing.

Following the protagonist Jack Skellington, the film depicts the residents of Halloween town and the mission of the Pumpkin King to take over Christmas. With many ghoulishly endearing characters and a rag doll-turned-zombie love interest, this film is perfect if you are looking for some friendly spooks that will still give you that Halloween fix.




3. Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire

 This lesser known comedy-horror film has taken the third spot on our list because of the amazing performance given by the main character Charles Shaughnessy.

While you might know him as Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny, Charles portrays the creepy Dimitri Denatos, who appears to be Mom’s nice new boyfriend but may in fact be a vampire…

Although it’s just a made-for-TV movie, it is super enjoyable for both adults and kids. It’s nice to see Mr. Sheffield in a different role and of course…he turns out to be the blood sucking vampire that we suspected. Not to be missed!









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