8 Disney Christmas Crafts To Get You In The Holiday Mood


Whether you are entertaining and need attractive table settings or simply want to decorate your Christmas tree with your favorite Disney characters, this list of great craft activities has something for everyone. The best part? All of our crafts are either printable, or utilise simple materials that you can find around the house.

There's no better way to spend time together than putting on your favorite carols and making something for the season - and there's no better time to have family time than the holidays. Simply choose which of our crafts you want to make and click on the title for further instructions.  

Get into the spirit of the holiday season with these eight amazing Disney crafts that the whole family will love. 



1. Mickey and Friends Holiday Garland

This beautiful holiday garland has an old-world  Disney look and will give charm to any space you choose.

Simply print out the pages using cardstock or regular printer paper (whichever you have), fold the first page along the line with the picture on the outside, unfold and spread household glue over half of the blank side.

Once you have stuck the two halves together, cut out the circles and repeat with all pages.

Once dry, pierce a small hole at the top of each circle and thread the images onto a string or ribbon to create your garland.

You can print as many images as you like, depending on how long you wish your holiday garland to be!



 2. Mickey Mouse Snowmen Cards


If you are tired of sending out traditional holiday cards to your friends and family, then why not consider sending homemade cards with a Disney twist? These fantastic cards will be appreciated by all - old and young.

To make the cards simply fold some standard printer paper into a card size (make sure it fits in an envelope!) and print the template pieces out.

Use the pieces to form a snowman and a pair of black ears for each card. Once you have glued the ears onto the snowman be sure to use a piece of ribbon or fabric to make a scarf before gluing the snowman to the front of your card.

Let the kids use their imagination by drawing on eyes, a mouth and a nose for each snowman, and don’t forget buttons and stick arms!



 3. Princess Gown Holiday Ornaments


If you want to add a touch of Disney magic to your Christmas tree, then why not make these beautiful paper gowns to hang on your tree these holidays?

Simply print the sheets out and cut out the template pieces using coloured paper.

For each princess dress, make a hanger out of thin cord or ribbon and attach with a dot of glue on the back. To cover up the glue spot, glue the two gown pieces back to back for a tidier finish.

Glue the ruffles and necklines onto each dress before adding your own detail – glitter, lace or whatever you like!



4.Stitch Holiday Tree Topper


If your holiday tree is in need of a little something to go on top, then look no further than this adorable alien to look over your tree this Christmas.

Simple to make, just print the tree topper on thin card and cut out the pieces. Tape or glue the three palm trees behind the jungle scene and attach stitch to the front. (to create a 3-dimensional look, roll some tape and use this to attach him to the background.)

Secure tab A to tab B and pop Stitch on top of your tree!



5. Mickey and Minnie Star Ornament


If you want a more traditional way to adorn your tree, then why not go for this star featuring Disney’s golden couple?

Print the ornament out on paper or thin card and cut out both pieces carefully. Fold the back piece along the dotted lines and fold each tab so as to form a star shape with five crisp points. Glue the pieces together and pierce a hole in the top to thread a ribbon string through.



 6. Mickey’s Santa Hat



Instead of wearing reindeer ears or a traditional Santa hat, why not add a little Mickey Mouse to your headwear this year? Put together this quick and easy craft for a Christmas season with a Disney touch!

Simply print the template onto regular paper or thin card and carefully cut out the pieces.

Roll the hat into a cone shape and secure with tape or glue. Once you have attached the ears and added the cotton ball to the tip you are ready to celebrate the holiday season!



7. Mickey and Friends Color in Ornament

Print the ornament out on paper or thin card and have your child (or an adult!) color in the ornament using whatever materials they wish. You may even want to add glitter, feathers or other materials you have at home.

Once it is dry, fold the page in half along the line and glue so that the ornament is double sided. Once you have punched a hole at the top and threaded some ribbon or string it is ready to hang on the tree!



8. Mickey and Friends Christmas Tree Topper

 To make this adorable tree topper, print out the template on regular printer paper and cut out the pieces. Fold along the dotted lines and glue the tabs to the base to secure.

Once you have formed the cone, attach the front panel to the topper and display on top of your tree!



These craft activities are simple, but beautiful and will add a warm touch to your Christmas tree, table or holiday display. Be sure to leave a comment telling us which one was your favorite, and don't forget to stop by and browse our fantastic range of Christmas ornaments. 


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