O Come All Ye Disnerds

'Twas The Night Before Christmas, and all was dazzling Disney at the Whittle house in Auckland, New Zealand. 



Though Christine’s Disney collection includes almost everything Disney (ornaments, dolls, plush toys, DVDs, clothes, housewares and more!) it is in the holiday season that her favorite collection comes to inhabit her home: her collection of Disney Christmas items.

Christmas has become a cause for a Disney inspired celebration in the Whittle home. Since starting their Disney Christmas decoration collection, they now transform their tree each November into a Disney holiday fairytale. 


"At Christmas time our lounge comes alive with Disney decorations. They are so beautiful and our tree becomes a Magical Disney delight."



Christine’s first Christmas pieces were a few Disney Princess Christmas tree ornaments that she bought four years ago, and her passion for them has just taken off. At first, Christine purchased every Disney Christmas decoration that was released but has now slowed down to purchasing just her favorite releases each year.


 “I can't ever imagine stopping as it has become an obsession.”


Last year the collection of decorations had grown so vastly that Christine had to go out and purchase a larger artificial Christmas tree to accommodate them. This year they have multiple Disney inspired Christmas trees in their living areas as well as many other Disney Christmas decorations including a Bradford Exchange Disney table top Christmas tree, a collection of Disney snow globes and Disney plush toys



Though Christine has hundreds of Disney Christmas ornaments, every single one is precious:

“Every year the decorations are different and they have the year on them so if they get broken it is devastating.”




While Christine, her husband Barry and their visitors thoroughly enjoy their Disney themed Christmas trees, nobody loves them more than their grandchildren, who can be seen below celebrating last Christmas at the Whittle house. 




To get started on your own Disney inspired Christmas, check out our range of Disney holiday ornaments! 



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