Top Romantic Disney Moments


With only two weeks until the most romantic day of the year, it seems only fitting to revisit some of the most romantic moments to grace the Disney canon. For those raised during the Disney renaissance, some of these romantic moments were the first love stories we were exposed to as children, and they have continued to shape our understanding of true love to this day. 

While some will want to spend their Valentine's Day whispering sweet nothings, renewing their vows or escaping on a romantic getaway, Disnerds the world over will settle into watch their favorite Disney moments, reliving the romance that only Disney can create. For many of us, these iconic moments defined love for us until we ourselves, received True Love's First Kiss. 

Countdown with us, as we sift our way through the many romantic moments Disney has to offer, in order to find the top ten, romantic Disney moments... 



10.  True Love's First Kiss

Disney's first and ultimate romance takes the #10 spot - this brief moment between Snow White and the Prince paved the way for many more True Love's Kisses, and for many a Disney Princess to be saved by her Prince Charming.




9. Pongo and Perdita's Honorary Wedding

#9 has got to be one of the cutest moments in Disney history - the dogs who join in on their owners' ceremony so that they too can be married




8. The Cinderella Chase

The number #8 spot goes to Disney's golden couple - Cinderella and Prince Charming. Why? Because he chases the girl - down the stairs and then all over the land until he finds the owner of the shoe which started it all.




7. A Whole New World

 When Jasmine met her very own Mr. Darcy and he happened to have a flying rug as his main mode of transportation, little girls everywhere swooned. The number #7 spot goes to Aladdin when he shows Jasmine that the world can be 'shining, shimmering, splendid'




6.The 'Once Upon a Dream' Dance

 The dance that became iconic in Disney history takes out #6 on our list. Unlike other Disney Princes who all seem to be able to sing, this one can dance!




5. Thumber gets Twitterpated

 Not only in this Bambi moment was a new word invented, but an adorable pairing took place. Thumper's realisation that he has become 'twitterpated' is one of the most romantic Disney moments and is certainly deserving of the #5 spot on our list





4. The Porridge Drink

Never was a relationship lesson presented more clearly in a Disney film than in this breakfast scene from Beauty and the Beast - you have to meet each other halfway. This fantastic negotiation in an unlikely romance is more than deserving of the #4 place on this list




3. Rapunzel's Haircut

 If we had been wondering up until this point about Flynn's intentions, this moment cleared it up completely - he was willing to die so that Rapunzel could truly live. #3 on the list goes to the self-sacrificing act of Flynn, in order to truly set Rapunzel free




2. Kiss The Girl

 Watching The Little Mermaid shattered the dreams of small children all over the world when their first kiss was not had in a river surrounded by singing fish and Crustacea. #2 goes to one of the most quintessential moments of the Disney renaissance - 'Kiss the Girl'




1. Bella Notte

The #1 spot goes to the single most iconic Disney moment in history - the sharing of a single noodle by two dogs in love. Make this Valentine's the day you "Bella Notte' - try it our for yourself with your someone special. 




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