Disney Tattoos: The Six Main Types


So you’re a Disney fan. You grew up watching the films on VHS and now use any cold or flu as an excuse to get back into your pyjamas and relive the magic on DVD or Blu-Ray. Perhaps you have even made the pilgrimage to one of the Disney Resorts or a Disney Show and listen to the soundtracks in the car.

For those of us who were raised on Disney devotion, within this canon of films lie some of the most inspiring and encouraging moments of our childhood. Because Walt Disney has continued to influence and impact lives, we have gathered together the main six types of Disney tattoos that Disnerds are getting.

Check them out, and find out why Disney is not just for children…



Type 1  

Favorite Character or Film


Though many of us are fans of much of the Disney Empire, most of us have a certain affection for one film, or one character in particular. This particular character means something to us.

These tattoos function as a reminder of how this character played a part in the life of those who choose to get inked – whether big or small, fiction or not. The presence of this character changed their life in some way, and there’s no better way to pay homage than to have them immortalised into skin as a permanent tribute.





Type 2  

The Mural


Loyal Disney fans all over the world have struggled to stop at just one after being inked, so it’s no surprise that many fans end up devoting their bodies as a canvas to Disney art.

These committed fans have given their bodies over to the Dark Side….#DisneyStyle







Type 3

Couple Love


For those that feel that their undying love will outlast metal pigment based ink, a matching or complimentary pair of tattoos is the answer.

This can be a Disney symbol or character that means something special to the relationship, or it could be just as simple as getting a ‘Mickey’ and a ‘Minnie’ to symbolise the commitment each has to the other. Whatever the choice, tattoos can be a fantastic way of bringing a couple closer, and making each partner feel more connected to the other.

Just make sure whatever you choose; you’ll like it, no matter what. Otherwise you might want to set aside the cost of laser removal in the event of a breakup.



Type 4

Disney Worship


You can always spot a true Disney fan by their tattoo – but these tattoos go above and beyond. They reflect not only a character or film that the fan enjoyed as a child, they reflect a passion for the Disney world that transcends the limits of one movie or one Disney princess – they reveal an unfailing and unrelenting commitment to all that Disney is.

For these true Disnerds, the tattoo is simply a scar on their bodies, replicating the way Disney has written on their hearts.





Type 5

Dark Disney


Not for the faint of heart, these tattoos represent another side of Disney characters, created through various fandoms online and offline. These gruesome Disney images represent the canon characters are vampires, zombies, with tattoos, piercings and more.

These images are not suitable for those aged under 18 years and are definitely not for everyone!




Type 6



It’s very popular among those getting tattoos to select a quote that inspires them or which reflects something about their journey, and it’s no different among Disney fans!

Quotes from Walt Disney, one of the Disney characters or from a Disney film mean different things to different people. They can represent a life lesson, an inspirational word or something that holds a special memory.




What kind of Disney tattoo would you consider getting? 


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