Clay: Meet the Man with a Disney Man Cave


Meet Clay Reece.

Clay hails from Ohio and spends his days working at an electronic manufacturing plant, as well as spending time with his family.

What most people don’t know about Reece, is that he has the mother of all home theaters in his house – what he calls his “ManCLAYve”.




The ManClayve is inspired by Clay’s favorite films – Pirates of the Carribbean and The Nightmare Before Christmas.



More like a museum than a home theatre, the ManClayve started coming together around five years ago when Clay purchased his first piece.



“I started my collection about five years ago. My first piece was a 12 inch Jack Sparrow made by Hot Toys...known for their detail in their figurines.”



Since then, Clay has amassed an impressive collection of ornaments, figurines, DVDs, dolls, posters and artwork which he has used to create his spell-binding mancave.



Hot Toys Limited is world famous for its highly detailed collectibles, particularly the ones in their Movie Masterpiece series. While Clay loves the pieces from Hot Toys, he has some other favourite pieces in his collection.




“I have several unique favorites. Some were made in limited quantities and were hard to find/and or expensive. favorite is my life size statue of Jack Sparrow." 


The life-sized representation of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow could easily be mistaken for a wax figure at the famous Madame Tussaud's.

"He was made by a ‘starving artist’ in Jacksonville, Florida. It took six months to make and it took me working two jobs plus overtime for a year to pay for him. He is one of a kind!”



Every feature on the statue is authentic, from the dreads in Sparrows hair to the base that the figure stands on. 


“The Jolly Roger on the base of Jack is motion activated and says quotes from the movie, tells jokes, warns you away. The statue is also the same height as Johnny Depp. He comes with his compass (which he is holding), a sword, and trinkets in his hair.”



Though Clay likes a lot of movies, and actors, Johnny Depp films are among his favorite.


“Depp is my favorite actor. He is a bit dark in his glare and tone. He chooses many movies that have a darkness to it. He goes all in, for the characters he plays." 


Like many Depp fans, Clay appreciates what a talented actor, and an artist Johnny Depp is, and the unique spin that he brings to every role he plays.




However, Clay is also a fan of Tim Burton’s work. Having left the cute and cuddly walls of Disney to trail blaze his own cinematic path, Burton is now known for the highly recognizable, stylized look of his films. His darker, bizarre take on the stories he depicts in his films, appeals to Clay.


"I love Tim Burton movies. His style, his visual expression in his movies. I also love animation and hand drawn animation, as well as fantasy and sci-fi."



"Nightmare Before Christmas and Pirates of the Caribbean are my favorite Disney films."



But, this doesn't take away from his love of the Disney Pirates anthology.


"Davy Jones is the best villain I have ever seen on screen." 




If you love Pirates of the Caribbean,

or The Nightmare Before Christmas as

much as Clay, be sure to

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