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Most Disney fans have several distinguishable features: 

  • They love to binge watch Disney movies
  • They wear Disney clothing or Disneybounds
  • They love to visit Disney parks

However, a small sub sect of fans take it a step further, and name their pets after their favorite Disney character!


Today we want to introduce you to ten special fur-babies, who bear the Disney-inspired names that their Disnerd owners chose for them. Each and every one is unique, precious and belongs to a tradition of like-minded fans who share their love for animals, and all things Disney. 






Princess Jasmine


Pearl Anderson called her two cats Aladdin and Princess Jasmine after her favorite movie, Aladdin. 










Karley Smith-Foy of Coventry, England is a huge Disney fan who couldn't help but name her pets after one of Disney's classic films,

"When I first saw Flower, it reminded me of the skunk in Bambi. So I thought the name was very fitting . Thumper has cute floppy ears and sometimes likes to stamp with her feet so Thumper was the perfect name. They’re my little Bambi duo!" 



Flower and Thumper





Kristen McKinnon of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts named her cat after the mouse that started it all. 

"Mickey was born outside my house in Fall of 2016. The name just came because he is all black and other names couldn't be agreed upon. But now it's fitting because his meow is soft but high. He is wicked sweet."


Chewbacca (Chewie)



"Chewie is Mickeys littermate / brother. He got his name because of all his fur. He also has grown into a very chatty boy. Plus I love Star Wars!"




"I found Mowgli a few weeks old out and out of the three kittens in that litter he came right to me. Then a few weeks later he was playing in the wood pile jumping and climbing. So I knew right then he reminded me of Mowgli from The Jungle Book."



Gus Gus

Rachel Lamonby from Kent, UK, named her mouse Gus Gus because of the similarity in her wee pet's story:


"I named him Gus because he was almost 'saved' like Gus Gus was on Cinderella. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted him as he was constantly getting bullied and beaten up by the other rat he was with. I have had rats before so I knew how to look after them - so I took him in! He was so adorable but never was able to be with other rats again as he would fight with them. I always had him out and he was so friendly with me. I absolutely love little Gus Gus in Cinderella he's one of my favorite characters so I knew I was always going to name one of my pets after him."





Jenna Watson recently had to re-home her little Lady, who was named after the film The Lady and the Tramp.




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