Disney DIY: The Best Do-It-Yourself Disney Costumes for Halloween 2016


If you love Halloween as much as we do, then why not dress up as your favorite Disney character this spooky season, with our handy ‘Do-It-Yourself’ guide! These costumes are suitable for both young and old, and don’t require the purchasing of any specialised costume items. Rather, they are easy to put together costumes made up of simple items that you can beg, steal or borrow from friends or family!



In honor of Halloween 2016, we’ve compiled this top ten list of Disney DIY costumes that you can put together yourself using easy to find clothing items and accessories you can find at dollar stores, or from thrift shops.  Happy Halloween!




Belle’s look is simple, yet easy to identify. Her outfit is made up of very simple clothing items which you may already have at home.

Start by accessing a blue or white dress – the simpler the better. Ideally, a white shirt or t-shirt under a blue dress would set the basics of the outfit. Layer this with a white apron and pair with black shoes – ideally ballet flats. If it’s a little cold on the night, consider having a light, white cardigan to put over the top.

Belle’s look is all about the accessories so this is where you can get really creative. Since Belle is a salacious reader, a handful of books is a MUST. Hit the thrift shops and pick up 3-4 old, bound books which you can carry around. If you can get hold of one, you might also consider using a natural wicker or cane basket to carry them in. Other accessories might include a simple pair of reading glasses, a single red rose or even a hand mirror. Use your imagination and see what you are able to get hold of easily – does the local dollar store stock any red rose jewellery?

Finish Belle’s look by giving yourself an authentic Belle hairstyle. Belle’s peasant hair is a simple loose, low ponytail which has been rolled at each side before being finished with a large blue bow at the back.





Dressing up as Boo has never been easier, or more adorable.

This Boo outfit is one of our simplest, but cutest costumes and chances are, you probably have most of the items you need for this one already laying around.

Start by pairing a dark pink top with purple leggings for the basics. If the top is a little long, it will look all the more authentic. If you haven’t got leggings, try dying a pair of jeans or tights. A pair of plain white sneakers or canvas shoes completes the outfit.

To enhance the look, tie your hair up in simple, high pigtails and fasten with a bobble on each side. Bonus points if you can scratch up a Mike or Sulley toy to take with you!



The Incredibles


 This is our number one costume idea for families who want to dress up #DisneyStyle this Halloween! This costume will work for any number of people and can be mixed and matched to suit different people’s styles and personalities.

The main staple of these outfits are red and black – so gather together everything you have in these colors and see what you can come up with.

The basics for this outfit consist of: red shirts, black shorts, red tights and black gloves. You will also need black footwear – boots, ballet flats…whatever you have.  If you want to change things up you could consider using a skirt instead of pants, or even a ‘onesie’ in the right colour scheme.

To really pull the outfit off, be sure to make a logo for everyone’s costume, and add a simple eye mask to give it a finishing touch. Instructions for how to make your own eye masks, and how to create The Incredibles Logo for the front of your outfits can be found here.





With ‘Wonderland’ style coming into fashion recently, this costume is incredibly easy to source pieces for.

The bones of this outfit are similar to that outlined for Belle – A white or blue dress with contrasting apron. Try building on this with black shoes (Mary Janes are perfect), a pair of striped stockings and a simple black hairband.

The accessories are where you can really go all out – the sky is the limit! Scour thrift stores for anything wonderland themed that could be added to complete your outfit and make your character easily identifiable – this could be Dinah (a plush cat toy), chess pieces, playing cards or a white rabbit. If you would prefer to make something yourself, try your hand at these adorable ‘Drink Me’ bottles using this tutorial or make a bunch of Golden Afternoon Flowers using this easy to use template.




Peter Pan


This one is all about green, so if that isn’t your color, then this probably isn’t your character.

The following green pieces are going to be necessary in order to pull off ‘The Pan’:

  • Tights
  • Shorts
  • T-shirt or shirt

For a more authentic look, grab these instructions on how to turn your ordinary clothes into a Neverland outfit.

If you want to go the whole hog, be sure to make yourself a simple felt hat, and add a simple belt to your outfit. The addition of a plastic sword or small Tinkerbell figurine will complete this simple, fun costume.




Snow White

Snow White’s look is incredibly simple to replicate and builds upon the three primary colors: blue, red and yellow.

Make up this outfit any way you want – yellow pants or a skirt, a blue dress or top – whatever you can get your hands on. Once you have the staples in place, build on them using the three themed colors – add in a red cardigan and shoes to match.

Accessories will make all the difference to your Snow White look – consider using a belt and bow in one of the three colors and be sure to take along a prop such as an apple or a bluebird. If you are feeling crafty, why not make yourself a set of these Snow White themed Mickey Ears to wear with your costume.





Mary Poppins

This costume is all about vintage which makes dressing as Mary Poppins, a thrift shopper’s dream.

Get your main pieces together by acquiring a white shirt (the more ruffles, the better) and a simple black or navy skirt (what you wear to work may do the job!).

Once these are in place it’s all about the add-ons! When you are at the thrift store, be sure to pick up a cheap umbrella, white gloves, an old bag and a hat. If you want to add some simple touches then be sure to pick up a dollar store bow tie and a belt to make the outfit look that little bit more elegant.





This outfit is perfect for anyone wanting to do Halloween on the cheap, #DisneyStyle.

The outfit begins with neutral colored pants or shorts – the more second-hand they look, the better. Go for grey, beige, white or brown – whatever you can find. If they look too decent, consider adding a couple of patches or dirtying them up a little. Adding some jagged edges to the bottom will also help to fit them into a ‘street urchin’ theme. If you are going to be distressing them for the part, make sure they are an old pair that you won’t be wanting to wear again!

To bulk out the outfit, find a simple t-shirt and waistcoat, or alternatively, make your own using these instructions - it couldn’t be easier!

Add to this costume by creating a fez that can be worn on your head with this simple tutorial, or by picking up a plush monkey or lamp from a thrift store so that you will really look the part.




Sally Skellington


Infamous for her eclectic, undead style, Sally - the humanoid rag doll - is a fun character to choose for this Halloween.

Piecing together a Sally outfit is a little more complicated, but do-able with a bit of creativity. The main piece of the costume is the scrap dress, which you will need to make yourself using either a sewing machine or a hot glue gun. Grab yourself any old dress which can be sacrificed for the cause, and have a look at this simple how-to guide, using these instructions.

Once you have the dress together, be sure to get your hands on some tights (Beetlejuice stripes or a champagne red work well) and a fire engine red wig - you can even make one for yourself from wool, in true rag doll style.

Optional extras include painting on stitches and carrying around a Jack Skellington figure if you can get your hands on one! If your creative juices are flowing then try your hand at these homemade potion bottles which make the perfect prop!



Disney Inspired Makeup

The last item on our list is perfect for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing a whole costume, but who want to celebrate Halloween with just a touch of #DisneyStyle.

If a costume isn’t for you, then why not try out some Ariel inspired makeup using this video tutorial? If you are looking for something more ‘Wonderland’ you might want to have a go at these grinning Cheshire Cat Eyes which can be paired with a simple outfit for a Halloween party or night out on the town. If you are after something more subtle, pull out your inner Ice Queen and give yourself an Elsa-inspired look with this simple step-by-step video.  

Simply pick your favourite character, and play around with color – it’s a fantastic way to pay homage to Disney on the spookiest night of the year!



If you love Halloween as much as we do, then why not stop by and check out our SPOOKTACULAR range of Halloween ornaments and figurines!


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