Disney Ink: Meet the Disney fans who have immortalized their passion with tattoos


Last month we took a look at Why Disney is So Popular Among Adult - what makes adult Disney fans tick, as well as why Disney has become more popular among adults, than it has among children. We found that adult Disney fans like different aspects of Disney than children, and one of these is Disney tattoos.

Disney fans all over the world have chosen to express their love for the Disney-verse by getting a tattoo. For Disney fans, these tattoos provide an opportunity for them to share their love for Disney with the world, and to see something of Disney on themselves every day. A piece of Disney art on the body can also serve as a reminder of how much Disney has impacted their lives.

With more and more Disney fans choosing tattoo as a way to express their love for their favorite characters or movie, we decided it was time to chat to some of the amazing Disnerds who have immortalised their love for Disney with ink.






Jacquelyn Cunningham, 23 of Guam, has been a fan of Disney for as long as she can remember and has two amazing Disney tattoos. Jacquelyn got her first tattoo in July 2016, when she went in to get a Beauty and the Beast rose with a Mickey outline on her ankle. The following year, she chose a Pocahontas compass on her forearm.


“I chose my Disney tattoos because they are two of my favorite movies. They are reminders that no matter how old you may be you can always dream and listen to your heart. Life happens but you only get one childhood. Disney is my childhood.”







Nikita Vienneau, 19 of Ontario, has also been in love with Disney since she was a baby.


“I grew up on the films and have been to Disney World frequently. I’m going again next year for but my bachelorette party!”


Nikita’s tattoo is an amazing piece of The Lion King artwork, depicting Simba as an adult lion, being gazed upon, by himself as a child.  


“I got it while in the Philippines with my Fiancé. And i have had it for a little less than a month. I chose Disney because Disney is my life - our wedding is even Disney themed! I chose it because The Lion King is my favourite Disney movie, and the meaning it has for me is to make light of the small things in life and never turn your back on anything.”


While Nikita has no imminent plans for another tattoo, she has an idea that she might want one in the future.


“I might get a new Disney tattoo on my leg. It would be a Mickey head style dream catcher with charms hanging off - perhaps a castle in the middle!”







Sarah Riebe, 25 of Arizona says that Disney has always been a big part of her life.


“My father never allowed us to watch ‘adult’ movies till me and my brother where at least 12 years old, so the only thing to keep us sane was watching our Disney movies. As adults, we still have all the original Disney movies in their hard cases.”


Sarah has continued to collect Disney items.


“My husband made the Rose from Beauty and the Beast to ask me to marry him. I also have an original ‘Chip’ cup, and the old vintage glasses with the Disney characters from The Lion King and Aladdin on them.”


And, it’s not just Sarah. Her husband also has a soft spot for Disney.


“My husband has a 90's Tigger costume, two 50-gallon trash bags full of Tigger stuffed animals, a collection of Disney ornaments from the last thirty years, a Disney book full of characters including Mary Poppins, a Dopey costume and much more!”


But Sarah’s most precious piece in her collection is her Disney tattoo.


“I have Marie From Aristocats. I’ve had her for about a year. I got her in this little tattoo shop in Chino Valley Arizona. The Tattoo artist messed up the design because I said something that upset him, So now my Marie is flawed, but I love her even more because she’s flawed - just like me!”


Sarah’s tattoo is not simply for decoration. It has sentimental meaning for her.


“The tattoo was from a movie me and my mother used to watch all the time together. When she passed away it was my go-to movie when I missed her. Fast forward to 23 and my best friend and I are getting friendship tattoos together, He was supposed to be getting Simba and I was getting Marie, same day he changed his mind to a different tattoo but I kept my idea, After all Marie is the smart one out of the three!”


Although Sarah and her husband are currently expecting a baby in February, she has plans to add to her ink work once the baby is born.


“I have plans for an entire Disney sleeve - every Disney movie that ever brought me comfort or has good memories will be on my arm to show off to the world. My childhood will be in the spotlight for all to see.”


The love for Disney is certainly a family affair.


“I love our little collection of Disney stuff, but I think the coolest thing ever is that my daughter looks like Merida from Brave. I have my own real-life Disney princess and she definitely knows she’s the princess! She tells me all the time, ‘One-day Mommy, I’m going to have a kitty tattoo just like you, but I’m going to add Beauty and the Beast to it so they can all be best friends and the kitty doesn’t have to be so lonely.’ My little Bella melts my heart.”






Amanda Berghegen, 25 of Ontario, collects anything to do with The Nightmare Before Christmas.


“Disney became a big part of my life when my mom passed away a few years ago. I have Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas on my right calf. I’ve had it just over a year now. I chose this one because I’m obsessed with the movie and story. Its meaning to me is to be bold and follow your hearts desires.”



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