10 MORE Romantic Disney Moments


There is something about Disney that brings out the romance in all of us. With less than a fortnight until the most romantic day of the year, it seems only fitting to revisit some more of Disney’s most romantic moments.
Some of these romantic moments were the first love stories we were exposed to as children, and these have continued to shape our understanding of true love to this day. 
While some will want to spend their Valentine's Day over a romantic dinner, renewing their vows or enjoying a romantic getaway, Disnerds the world over will settle into watch their favorite Disney moments, reliving the authentic and intoxicating romance that only Disney can create. For many of us, these iconic moments defined love for us until we ourselves, received True Love's First Kiss. 
Countdown with us, as we sift our way through the many romantic moments Disney has to offer, in order to compile this list of 10 MORE romantic Disney moments... 



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10. Carl and Ellie’s Montage



Although most of the film Up centers around a disgruntled old man and a young boy scout, there was not a dry eye in cinemas when the montage scene played depicting Ellie and Carl’s passionate lifelong romance. For a full five minutes, no words are spoken as we get to watch two people building a life together in one of Disney’s most powerful love scenes to date.




9. Beauty and the Beast’s First Dance


Few movies are able to establish romance as efficiently as Beauty and the Beast, and it all takes place during the ballroom scene. With an enchanting song, amazing architecture and a dress to die for, it’s not hard to see why this event sealed the deal for the unlikely pair.




8. Eve’s Life-Saving Kiss



True love’s kiss takes on an unexpected form in Wall-E but is hopelessly romantic nonetheless. In an attempt to fix Wall-E, Eve reboots him back to his original purpose of cleaning the planet, but has her heart broken when she realises that resetting him also reset his personality and affection for her. This event prompts Eve to realise her true feelings for Wall-E. To say goodbye, Eve leans in and kisses Wall-E who receives an electrical charge from the kiss and is immediately restored to his old self. There’s nothing more romantic than robot love.




7. Cinderella’s Shoe Fitting



The Prince’s dedication to finding his true love from the ball has been making girls swoon since the 1950s. How many of us are capable of making such a good impression at a party that we are searched for kingdom wide? One of the ultimate love stories, this moment where the shoe fits perfectly, never disappoints.




6. The Lantern Scene



This infamous scene from Tangled is one of the most enchanting scenes in the Disney canon. Set with a backdrop of floating lanterns that look like they have been painted in beautiful watercolours, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider slowly realise they are falling in love under an illuminated sky that eventually connects Rapunzel to her origins and to her true family.




5. Pocahontas Saving John Smith


While not quite historically accurate, this scene in Pocahontas solidifies the love that has been growing between John and Pocahontas throughout the film. In an act of courage and desperation, Pocahontas flings herself onto her lover just seconds before he is scheduled to be executed. While it’s not a scene full of hearts and flowers, it certainly depicts how strongly motivated one can become when they are driven by love.




 4. Giselle and Robert’s Dance


The obvious attraction between two people has never been more poignant than in this scene from the live-action 2007 film Enchanted. Giselle and Robert, who are both engaged to other people, share a romantic dance at a ball where it becomes clear to everyone (including their partners) that they are in love. The song which is the backdrop to the scene also reflects their own awareness of their feelings making the scene all the more swoon-worthy.



3. Ariel Sings to Eric


Though Ariel was already in love with Eric when she was living in the sea, it was in the scene that we first see her feelings reciprocated. The lyrics for the reprisal of ‘Part of Your World’ that are sung by Ariel in this scene are very fitting:

I don't know when, I don't know how
But I know something's starting right now
Watch and you'll see, someday I'll be part of your world




2. Robin Hood Hopes to Win the Kiss


One of the sweetest moments in Robin Hood is the scene where Robin is in disguise for the archery competition. The chemistry between the pair is undeniable, even though Robin is dressed up as a bird. So cute!




1. Hercules and Megara's Kiss


Nothing makes for good cinema like a tender kiss, which is why this kiss between Meg and Hercules takes out our number one spot. Also, can we just take a minute to realise that he gave up immortality and his position as a god to be with her!?

 You can watch the scene HERE




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