Klutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit – Hour Loop
Klutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit

Klutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit


  • $ 2963

  • Paper Flying Dragons Art and Craft Kit
  • Design and build your own fantastic flyers
  • Paper Flying Dragons by Pat Murphy and the Scientist of Klutz Lab
  • Recommended ages 8 and up
  • Brand Name: Klutz

Item Number: 544936
Dimensions: 11.0 x 9.3 x 0.5 inches
Weight: 1.04 lb

When worlds of fantasy and paper airplanes meet, there be dragons! Paper Flying Dragons includes 12 fearsome, stunning paper dragons to fold and fly and illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Send the Mountain Dragon soaring, glide the Sea Dragon low over the ocean, or make a flock of hatchlings: baby dragon toys as fast and fierce as their grown-up counterparts. This dragon book is full of expert tips to help get the most out of your dragons, little known facts about dragons and their history, and even a steampunk Robo-Dragon you can customize. Comes with: 48 page book, 10 sheets of custom designed punch-out dragon parts, 6 sheets of foldable hatchlings, robo-dragon body and spines, tape