LANG Turner Photographic America's Backroads Photo Mini Wall Calendar (24998950000)

LANG Turner Photographic America&

LANG Turner Photographic America's Backroads Photo Mini Wall Calendar (24998950000)

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  • It has a mini wall calendar format, making it suitable for smaller spaces or limited wall area.
  • The calendar covers the entire year, allowing users to plan and stay organized for the entire year.
  • The Turner Photographic Photo Mini Wall Calendar is designed with high-quality printing to ensure the photographs are sharp and vibrant.
  • Each month is displayed on a separate page, showcasing captivating photographs that capture various subjects or themes.
  • It includes public holidays and observances, helping users stay aware of important dates.

Item Number: 24998950000
Dimensions: 7.01 x 6.89 x 0.24 inches
Weight: 0.2 lb

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