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Riedel Merlot Decanter

Riedel Merlot Decanter


  • $ 6680

  • The Merlot decanter is a perfect starter piece for one with a growing love of wine
  • This everyday piece will easily demonstrate the improvement decanting can make on wine, and is suitable for both young and old wines
  • It is also dishwasher safe
  • This decanter is designed for a single bottle of wine
  • This pack contains a single piece; this product is machine-made

Item Number: 1440/14
Dimensions: 10.1 x 5.0 x 4.9 inches
Weight: 0.7 lb

In 2021, RIEDEL celebrates a momentous occasion: 265 years as a family-owned glassware business.RIEDEL revolutionised the world of glassware when Claus J. Riedel, 9th generation, designed the first collection of wine-friendly stemware in 1974. This masterpiece series, "Sommeliers", set a precedent for the future of glass design.Georg J. Riedel, 10th generation, evolved his father's research when he introduced RIEDEL Sensory Workshops as a method of testing and refining their products with the help of master sommeliers and winemakers. Georg introduced the world's first collection of grape varietal specific glassware in 1986, Vinum. These glasses work with wine's DNA to show more depth and better balance.Maximilian Riedel, 11th generation, took over as CEO in 2014 and has continued to evolve the brand for the modern drinker. From the introduction of the O Series to his original collection series of functional decanters, Maximilian strives to build upon the incredible legacy of his family. His latest foray is in

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