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Two Lumps of Sugar APR0101-4662 Midnight Shadow Ruffle Apron
Two Lumps of Sugar

Two Lumps of Sugar APR0101-4662 Midnight Shadow Ruffle Apron

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  • VERSATILE AND TRENDY STYLE: Use this item in your household chores and still have that chic mood with you as you handle or use this product
  • It's style is sure to blend with your trendy kitchen style
  • PRACTICAL GIFT IDEA: Give this as a gift to friends, colleagues and relatives who need this and let them enjoy the functionality and beauty of this item as they use it!
  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL: This kitchen accessory is made of high quality material to give you comfort and satisfaction when using it
  • This featured pattern matches your kitchen décor and Two Lumps of Sugars Silli Mitts and Silli Hotties; Embroidery friendly for logos, monograms and names

Item Number: APR0101-4662
Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.5 x 1.4 inches
Weight: 0.55 lb

Just Imagine what a dream can turn into! We started the Two Lumps of Sugar, Inc. brand in 2005 in NYC with award winning designers and an expert technical team.Every product and design is born from our passion to make fun, beautiful products with optimum functionality. We dream in color and pattern, always seeking to create exceptional, unusual products that bring a smile to your face and help you get up and go so you can go live your dreams. Each copyrighted design and trademarked product has a story, dream and life experience behind it.The Two Lumps of Sugar team uses our extensive training in textiles, product development, quality control and design to create home goods and totes for consumers and wholesale customers throughout the world.