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News — Disneyland

100 Things You Didn't Know About Disney

Disney Disneyland DisneyWorld Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Sleeping Beauty Snow White The Little Mermaid Walt Disney

Join us as we take a look at 100 things you didn't know about Disney films, theme parks, Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Culture and the man himself...       WALT   Walt was his parents fourth son Walt’s first job as a paid artist, was as a small child, when a neighbour paid him to sketch a picture of his horse Walt’s first paid employment was a paper run which he did with his brother Roy. The pair had to wake at 4:30 am to do the before school run, and did another run of another publication after school....

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With a Smile and a Song

Beauty and The Beast Disney Disney Art Disney collectors Disney Merchandise Disneyland

  My name is Taryn Dryfhout, and I am a Disney addict. . It has been over a year since I first started writing for this blog and I have been lucky enough to be able to interview many passionate collectors who are willing to showcase their collections to other fans, in order to spread the Disney joy. . I have also been so fortunate as to be able to dig into the origin of Disney characters and films, look at the reasons why we love the iconic movies, investigate the phenomenon of Disney villains, the dark side of Disney and...

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The Disney Bucket List

Disney Disney Movies Disney Tattoos Disney World Disneyland DisneyWorld

  What is the Disney Bucket List? Now we’ve all heard of a ‘bucket list’, but this Disney Bucket list is the ultimate list of Disney related activities, goals, experiences and adventures that every Disney fan should have done by the time they ‘kick the bucket’.   What’s Different About the Disney Bucket List? This is not just a scraggly list of "things to do before death"  - this is a list of Disney related things that you want to do before you kick 'the bucket' - with a strong intention of doing those things. The Disney Bucket List is...

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American Icon: Mickey Mouse

Disney Disney Merchandise Disney Movies Disney World Disneyland Mickey Mouse

American Icon: Mickey Mouse A Decade by Decade Guide .    Originally known as ‘Mortimer Mouse’, Mickey Mouse made his screen debut in November of 1928 as the lead actor in the first sound cartoon – Steamboat Willie. Since then, Mickey has risen to fame, and is now the personification of Disney, as well as one of the most recognised symbols on the planet.  At almost 90 years old, Mickey is still looking pretty good. He is a little rounder these days, but he hasn’t a grey hair to be seen, and according to studies, he has the most recognisable...

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Disney after Dark: 6 More Disturbing Disney Secrets

Disney Disney Movies Disney World Disneyland DisneyWorld Halloween Mickey Mouse The Lion King

    With Disnerds all over the world patiently awaiting the release of Disney’s 2016 films, there seems no better time to take another look at several more disturbing secrets behind the Happiest Place on Earth, the canon of legendary films and the man who created them all: Disney. From the seemingly shadowy to the outright sinister, we count down six more disturbing Disney secrets….     6. Suicide Mouse   Though the name suggests it was Mickey who met his untimely end, the story of ‘Suicide Mouse’ has a much darker story – one that has become a prominent...

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