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News — Mickey Mouse

What We Can Expect from Disney in 2018

Disney Disney Cruise Disney Junior Disney Movies Disney World Disneyland DisneyWorld Mary Poppins Mickey Mouse Star Wars

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to look at what Disney things we have to look forward to over the next twelve months. 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Disney fans, with so much coming out including new movies, T.V. shows, comics, books, Broadway shows and new Disney Park rides and lands. With so much coming up, we have broken it all down into a simple, categorised list, so that you can keep track of all the Disney fun this year!   Movies   Black Panther A Wrinkle in Time Dolphins Avengers: Infinity War...

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10 Disney Inspired Picnics for Fall

Beauty and The Beast Cinderella Disney Finding Nemo Frozen Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Monsters Inc. Tangled The Little Mermaid Toy Story Winnie the Pooh

  With fall almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to squeeze a family picnic into the last of the nice weather for the year, and no picnic is as fun as one that is done, #DisneyStyle! Themed around some of our favorite Disney films, these Disney picnic ideas are easy to assemble, and can be tailored to suit your family. And, if the weather doesn’t work in your favor, you can always create a picnic on your living room floor while you relax with a Disney film. We hope you will enjoy these ten Disney-inspired picnics which are not...

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The Best Disney Quotes of All Time

Alice in Wonderland Cinderella Disney Disney Junior Disney Movies Mary Poppins Mickey Mouse Pocahontas Rapunzel Snow White Tangled The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Lion King Walt Disney

  As children, we didn’t think too deeply about ‘the message’ behind Disney movies. No, we are not referring to subliminal messages (naked people in The Rescuers or phallic symbols on The Little Mermaid posters), We’re talking about the lessons - the morals - that are embedded into Disney films, that we can take away. As children we are more concerned with learning the lyrics to all the songs, spotting the hidden Mickey’s and making sure the Disney Princesses find their ‘Happily Ever After’, so we miss the deeply inspiring one-liners that often come from the most unlikely characters. As...

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Living La Vintage Disney

Disney collectors Disneyland Mickey Mouse Vintage Disney Walt Disney

  . .Anyone who is familiar with our blog will know that Disney collecting has taken the world by storm. The mammoth world of Disney collectables is now comprised of millions of products, available in almost every country of the world. Every day, thousands of people shop online, at Disney Parks, and at stores all over the world who stock Disney products, buying brand new clothes, toys, DVDs and more – all of which are related to Disney films, or which depict their favorite characters in the Disney franchise.  Over the past year, we have been lucky enough to interview...

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100 Things You Didn't Know About Disney

Disney Disneyland DisneyWorld Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Sleeping Beauty Snow White The Little Mermaid Walt Disney

Join us as we take a look at 100 things you didn't know about Disney films, theme parks, Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Culture and the man himself...       WALT   Walt was his parents fourth son Walt’s first job as a paid artist, was as a small child, when a neighbour paid him to sketch a picture of his horse Walt’s first paid employment was a paper run which he did with his brother Roy. The pair had to wake at 4:30 am to do the before school run, and did another run of another publication after school....

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