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Over the Rainbow

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. . . A fan since childhood, David Anders grew up watching The Wizard of Oz. As an adult, David’s life is now steeped in The Wizard of Oz – from the ‘Oz Junkie’ email he uses to the ornaments he uses to decorate his house, and the themed lamps that light up his home. For David, The Wizard of Oz is more than just a casual interest. It’s a lifestyle. . . .   Follow the Yellow Brick Road   . David’s first memory of The Wizard of Oz was when he was just nine or ten years old....

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Exciting Announcement: New Products Coming!

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Here at HourLoop, we take pride in delivering the latest figurines and collectibles for you, and we have some very exciting new products coming in! We have just returned from the Las Vegas trade show where we were able to view and order the latest products including the new Disney and Jim Shore lines and great new products for Halloween, 4th of July and much more!     The Las Vegas Trade Show is famous for being the largest, and most comprehensive, gift market in the United States, and is something that we look forward to each season. The trade...

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8 Reasons Why The Wizard of OZ is STILL The Best Movie Ever

Enesco Jim Shore Wizard of Oz

Set in Kansas, in sepia tone, The Wizard of Oz graced cinemas in 1939 to a rather meagre response. Since then, however, the film has grown to become one of the most influential films of all time, and according to the Library of Congress, is the most watched film in history. If you have been on the planet more than a minute and a half, then chances are you know about The Wizard of Oz, and have seen it at least once. But what makes this film so timeless? We walk down the Yellow Brick Road to see why this...

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Listen Well All of You: Sleeping Beauty 101

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 “But…before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and fall into a sleep like death!” Origins of Sleeping Beauty   Originating in France, Sleeping Beauty is a worldwide phenomenon that found its beginnings in literary works in the 17th century, though the earliest known version of the story can be traced back as far as 1330. Charles Perrault who was also responsible for the introduction of fairy tales such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood first penned the story of ‘The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood’...

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Once Upon a Dream

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  Right from the street front, before you have even set foot in her house, you can tell that Christine Whittle is a Disnerd. Christine’s letterbox was made and gifted to her by a close friend, and has become a conversation piece amongst her neighbours and visitors. “It was made by a very dear friend who knew how much I loved Disney. It is one of a kind.”     Disney Beginnings Christine’s first memory of Disney was as a child, living in New Zealand. “My first Disney memories were fairy-tale stories read to me by my mother and grandmother.”...

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