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A Brief History of Halloween

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    Disney does Halloween so well. No other company has generated as strong a Halloween footprint as the Disney company. But what is it about Halloween that Disney loves so much? With the popularity of Halloween increasing every year, and the industry now raking in over $6 billion annually, we decided it was time to explore how this holiday came to be one of the busiest of the year, for Disney, and for America.   T.V. shows and movies love to grow the hype around Halloween, and have contributed to the success of America’s second largest commercial holiday. Watching...

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Disney DIY: The Best Do-It-Yourself Disney Costumes for Halloween 2016

Aladdin Alice in Wonderland Beauty and The Beast Disney Halloween Mary Poppins Monsters Inc. Peter Pan Snow White The Incredibles The Nightmare Before Christmas

  If you love Halloween as much as we do, then why not dress up as your favorite Disney character this spooky season, with our handy ‘Do-It-Yourself’ guide! These costumes are suitable for both young and old, and don’t require the purchasing of any specialised costume items. Rather, they are easy to put together costumes made up of simple items that you can beg, steal or borrow from friends or family!     In honor of Halloween 2016, we’ve compiled this top ten list of Disney DIY costumes that you can put together yourself using easy to find clothing items...

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Exciting Announcement: New Products Coming!

Disney Disney collectors disney figurine collection Disney Merchandise Disney Traditions Collection Enesco Halloween Heartwood Creek Jim Shore

Here at HourLoop, we take pride in delivering the latest figurines and collectibles for you, and we have some very exciting new products coming in! We have just returned from the Las Vegas trade show where we were able to view and order the latest products including the new Disney and Jim Shore lines and great new products for Halloween, 4th of July and much more!     The Las Vegas Trade Show is famous for being the largest, and most comprehensive, gift market in the United States, and is something that we look forward to each season. The trade...

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Disney after Dark: 6 More Disturbing Disney Secrets

Disney Disney Movies Disney World Disneyland DisneyWorld Halloween Mickey Mouse The Lion King

    With Disnerds all over the world patiently awaiting the release of Disney’s 2016 films, there seems no better time to take another look at several more disturbing secrets behind the Happiest Place on Earth, the canon of legendary films and the man who created them all: Disney. From the seemingly shadowy to the outright sinister, we count down six more disturbing Disney secrets….     6. Suicide Mouse   Though the name suggests it was Mickey who met his untimely end, the story of ‘Suicide Mouse’ has a much darker story – one that has become a prominent...

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The Top Three Disney Halloween Movies

Disney Disney Movies Disney Villains Halloween Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas

Whether it’s a made-for-the Disney-channel movie, or a blockbuster for the big screen…nobody does Halloween like Disney. If you are looking to have a spook-tacular time then look no further than this list of fang-tastic films!    Let your Halloween be a real treat with….     The Top Three Disney Halloween Movies      We give you the top three Disney Halloween movies that will both scare and satisfy children, and adults alike.        1. Hocus Pocus (1993)                       It’s not surprising that this fantastic film takes out the...

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