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News — The Lion King

It's Good to be Bad: Why the World has Gone Mad for Disney Villains

Aladdin Beauty and The Beast Captain Hook Cinderella Disney Villains Gaston Hercules Lady Tremaine Maleficent Pocahontas Sleeping Beauty Snow White Tangled The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Lion King The Little Mermaid

"Disney villains are no ordinary villains. They do evil so well, they make it look good."     I recently purchased a gorgeous Disney bag by LoungeFly, which had an Alice in Wonderland print on it. I was delighted when it arrived, but was even more delighted when I found out that within the same line, was a purse depicting Disney Villains. This incident led me to ponder….why do I get so excited about things to do with Disney’s villains? I am not the only one. In recent years, Disney Villains have taken the world by storm. There are Facebook pages devoted...

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Disney after Dark: 6 More Disturbing Disney Secrets

Disney Disney Movies Disney World Disneyland DisneyWorld Halloween Mickey Mouse The Lion King

    With Disnerds all over the world patiently awaiting the release of Disney’s 2016 films, there seems no better time to take another look at several more disturbing secrets behind the Happiest Place on Earth, the canon of legendary films and the man who created them all: Disney. From the seemingly shadowy to the outright sinister, we count down six more disturbing Disney secrets….     6. Suicide Mouse   Though the name suggests it was Mickey who met his untimely end, the story of ‘Suicide Mouse’ has a much darker story – one that has become a prominent...

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Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions...#DisneyStyle!

Aladdin Alice in Wonderland Beauty and The Beast Disney Movies Disney Princess Disney Villains Elsa Frozen Mickey Mouse Peter Pan Snow White The Lion King The Little Mermaid

    New Year’s has been and gone once again, and many will have made New Year’s resolutions which they have already given up on. Some people will have promised to become more generous, some will have made pledges to lose weight or give up smoking and some will have grand illusions of doing something adventurous this year. If you haven’t made any resolutions, or the ones you made have already fallen by the wayside, then let inspiration strike, as we take you through our ten Disney-inspired resolutions for 2016. Our prediction is that no resolution will stick like a...

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Disney: The Second Renaissance

Aladdin Beauty and The Beast Disney Christmas Disney Merchandise Disney Movies Disney Princess Frozen Maleficent The Lion King The Little Mermaid Who Framed Roger Rabbit

What Was The First Disney Renaissance?  ‘The Disney Renaissance’ is a term used to describe the period from 1989 to 1999 in which Walt Disney Animation Studios underwent a creative revitalisation that changed the success of the Disney company, and which established Disney as an icon. Put simply, the Disney Renaissance is made up of the following movies, which were all released in the same decade: The Little Mermaid Beauty and The Beast Aladdin The Lion King Pocahontas The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hercules Mulan The Rescuers Down Under Tarzan The production of these films ushered in what is now...

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7 Disturbing Disney Secrets

Aladdin Beauty and The Beast Disney Halloween Mickey Mouse Monsters Inc. The Lion King The Little Mermaid Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  With Halloween coming up, there is no better time to look at some of the disturbing secrets behind the Happiest Place on Earth and its iconic films. From the dark and disturbing, to the outright bizarre, we count the top seven disturbing Disney secrets.        Undignified Ends We are used to many of the villains in Disney movies meeting untimely ends, but some characters, appear to get their comeuppance, more than others. One example is Scar from The Lion King. Scar’s death is implied at the end of the film, but his disturbing cameo in another film...

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