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35 Disney Facts You Have NEVER Heard!

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  You’ve read lists of Disney facts like this before. We have already written several: 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Disney After Dark: Six More Disturbing Disney Secrets 7 Disturbing Disney Secrets There are a lot of these kinds of lists online, but we wanted to cover some of the facts that get overlooked, and frankly, are some of the most interesting. Join us as we show you 35 Disney facts you have never heard, and be amazed, as we are at how much there is to know about Disney!     Disney holds the record for the...

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Disney’s Top Ten Rabbits... Just in Time for Easter!

Alice in Wonderland Bambi Disney Disney Junior Sofia the First Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Disney’s Top Ten Rabbits Just in Time for Easter!       Come Christmas time the stores light up with reindeer and snowmen. Halloween has Jack-o-lanterns. What about Easter? Easter is all about chickens and bunnies! The use of rabbits at Easter can be traced all the way back to the 13th century Germany, when the goddess of spring and fertility was associated with rabbits. For this reason, bunnies have become the iconic symbol for Easter, particularly for children who patiently await a visit from the Easter bunny. In celebration of Easter, we are taking a close look at some...

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Disney: The Second Renaissance

Aladdin Beauty and The Beast Disney Christmas Disney Merchandise Disney Movies Disney Princess Frozen Maleficent The Lion King The Little Mermaid Who Framed Roger Rabbit

What Was The First Disney Renaissance?  ‘The Disney Renaissance’ is a term used to describe the period from 1989 to 1999 in which Walt Disney Animation Studios underwent a creative revitalisation that changed the success of the Disney company, and which established Disney as an icon. Put simply, the Disney Renaissance is made up of the following movies, which were all released in the same decade: The Little Mermaid Beauty and The Beast Aladdin The Lion King Pocahontas The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hercules Mulan The Rescuers Down Under Tarzan The production of these films ushered in what is now...

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7 Disturbing Disney Secrets

Aladdin Beauty and The Beast Disney Halloween Mickey Mouse Monsters Inc. The Lion King The Little Mermaid Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  With Halloween coming up, there is no better time to look at some of the disturbing secrets behind the Happiest Place on Earth and its iconic films. From the dark and disturbing, to the outright bizarre, we count the top seven disturbing Disney secrets.        Undignified Ends We are used to many of the villains in Disney movies meeting untimely ends, but some characters, appear to get their comeuppance, more than others. One example is Scar from The Lion King. Scar’s death is implied at the end of the film, but his disturbing cameo in another film...

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