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Why Fans are Rejecting Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

Aladdin Alice in Wonderland Beauty and The Beast Cinderella Disney Disney Movies Maleficent Mary Poppins The Little Mermaid The Princess and the Frog

.  . From Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast, to the upcoming film Aladdin, Disney has been pumping out a stream of its classic animated features as live-action recreations for a modern audience. With these movies being so popular, and garnering such large amounts at the box office, it’s no surprise that Disney have confirmed 14 more live-action remakes to be rolled out over the next few years. While these re-imaginings of Disney renaissance movies may seem like an unspoken dream for children of the 90s, is this what devoted Disney fans really want? . . . . . Why...

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A Small, Special Collection

Disney Disney collectors disney figurine collection Disney Ornaments Disney Traditions Collection Disney World Disneyland Jim Shore The Little Mermaid The Princess and the Frog

   A collector at heart, Melissa Kraehenbuehl has surrounded herself, and her home, with the pieces she loves – Jim Shore and Disney. The 31-year-old market researcher fondly remembers her first Disney experience,   “I was three when I started watching The Little Mermaid. My parents had to buy it on VHS three times because I kept wearing it out. I watched it to the point I knew all the words! I loved the Little Mermaid because I loved the ocean. I went on to get my Bachelor of Science in Marine Science later in life. I was always...

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Crowning Glory: Why We Love to Love Disney Princesses

Aladdin Aurora Beauty and The Beast Cinderella Disney Disney Princess Frozen Moana Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty Snow White Sofia the First Tangled The Little Mermaid The Princess and the Frog

. For many years, Disney has captivated the attention of both children and adults with their ionic animated princesses. These amazing characters have had an impact, and influence on people in almost every country and have become part of an official franchise which has spawned other sub-lines including Disney ‘Palace Pets’. Disney Princesses are a group of film heroines who represent all that is whimsical, magical and beautiful in the Disney world. It’s not hard to see why people of all ages have come to be influenced by the powerful phenomenon of Disney Princesses. Disney Princesses have become so globally...

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35 Disney Facts You Have NEVER Heard!

Aladdin Hercules Lilo and Stitch Monsters Inc. Sleeping Beauty Snow White The Lion King The Princess and the Frog Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  You’ve read lists of Disney facts like this before. We have already written several: 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Disney After Dark: Six More Disturbing Disney Secrets 7 Disturbing Disney Secrets There are a lot of these kinds of lists online, but we wanted to cover some of the facts that get overlooked, and frankly, are some of the most interesting. Join us as we show you 35 Disney facts you have never heard, and be amazed, as we are at how much there is to know about Disney!     Disney holds the record for the...

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Once Upon a Blunder: When Disney Gets it Wrong

Aladdin Beauty and The Beast Frozen Hercules Mulan Pocahontas Robin Hood Sleeping Beauty Snow White Tangled The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Princess and the Frog

  Fans of Disney films rarely complain about the quality of the films the Walt Disney Co. Produces. However, there is a large community of people who have a major problem with Disney, particularly in relation to the historical accuracy, or rather inaccuracy, of the films and the stories and characters they depict. While Disney often introduces children to history (my 8-year-olds first Greek Mythology was via exposure to Hercules), some feel that Disney has an opportunity to supply some valuable teaching, but fails to do so. Join us as we show you 17 films where Disney got it very...

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