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The Best Disney Quotes of All Time

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  As children, we didn’t think too deeply about ‘the message’ behind Disney movies. No, we are not referring to subliminal messages (naked people in The Rescuers or phallic symbols on The Little Mermaid posters), We’re talking about the lessons - the morals - that are embedded into Disney films, that we can take away. As children we are more concerned with learning the lyrics to all the songs, spotting the hidden Mickey’s and making sure the Disney Princesses find their ‘Happily Ever After’, so we miss the deeply inspiring one-liners that often come from the most unlikely characters. As...

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It's Good to be Bad: Why the World has Gone Mad for Disney Villains

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"Disney villains are no ordinary villains. They do evil so well, they make it look good."     I recently purchased a gorgeous Disney bag by LoungeFly, which had an Alice in Wonderland print on it. I was delighted when it arrived, but was even more delighted when I found out that within the same line, was a purse depicting Disney Villains. This incident led me to ponder….why do I get so excited about things to do with Disney’s villains? I am not the only one. In recent years, Disney Villains have taken the world by storm. There are Facebook pages devoted...

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Once Upon a Blunder: When Disney Gets it Wrong

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  Fans of Disney films rarely complain about the quality of the films the Walt Disney Co. Produces. However, there is a large community of people who have a major problem with Disney, particularly in relation to the historical accuracy, or rather inaccuracy, of the films and the stories and characters they depict. While Disney often introduces children to history (my 8-year-olds first Greek Mythology was via exposure to Hercules), some feel that Disney has an opportunity to supply some valuable teaching, but fails to do so. Join us as we show you 17 films where Disney got it very...

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