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10 Disney Inspired Picnics for Fall

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  With fall almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to squeeze a family picnic into the last of the nice weather for the year, and no picnic is as fun as one that is done, #DisneyStyle! Themed around some of our favorite Disney films, these Disney picnic ideas are easy to assemble, and can be tailored to suit your family. And, if the weather doesn’t work in your favor, you can always create a picnic on your living room floor while you relax with a Disney film. We hope you will enjoy these ten Disney-inspired picnics which are not...

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Skating on Thin Ice: From The Snow Queen to Frozen

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. You don't have to be a Disney fan to know about Frozen. Everyone in the world knows its theme song, and most parents have heard it more than they would like to. Since its release in late 2013, Frozen has become the most successful animated film of all time, grossing over $1 billion globally. It has taken out two Oscar awards, a Golden Globe and a Bafta, and is the bestselling DVD of the decade. The soundtrack for this culturally saturating film has also sold multi-platinum, outselling Beyoncé and the sing-a-long version of “Let it Go” has been viewed more...

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Crowning Glory: Why We Love to Love Disney Princesses

Aladdin Aurora Beauty and The Beast Cinderella Disney Disney Princess Frozen Moana Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty Snow White Sofia the First Tangled The Little Mermaid The Princess and the Frog

. For many years, Disney has captivated the attention of both children and adults with their ionic animated princesses. These amazing characters have had an impact, and influence on people in almost every country and have become part of an official franchise which has spawned other sub-lines including Disney ‘Palace Pets’. Disney Princesses are a group of film heroines who represent all that is whimsical, magical and beautiful in the Disney world. It’s not hard to see why people of all ages have come to be influenced by the powerful phenomenon of Disney Princesses. Disney Princesses have become so globally...

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47 Unanswered Questions in 20 Disney Movies

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  Here at HourLoop, we just can’t get enough of Disney. Being able to showcase the amazing collections of Disney fans around the world, report on Disney news and keep you up to date on the latest Disney facts, products, characters and more brings us great joy. We have watched every Disney movie many times over. In fact, we are such big fans that we have come to be familiar with even minor detail of the films, such as inconsistencies in the plot and questions that the story and the characters raise. Sometimes, these questions go unanswered, and that’s what...

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°o° ---Top 13 Disney Theories--- °o°

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. By now most Disney fans have heard of the Pixar Theory. The Pixar Theory was created by Jon Negroni who argues that every Pixar film is tied into one grand narrative, in an interrelated universe. In other words, every Pixar film ever made can be put onto one timeline, mapping them into one unified world.     The emergence and popularity of the Pixar Theory has led Disney fans all over the internet to start speculating that all of Disney is connected, and we should be looking for these connections everywhere. Other theories have emerged which connect not only all...

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