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Why is Disney so Popular Among Adults?

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. It has been over two years since we here at Hourloop established this blog for our readers. In that time, we have been lucky enough to interview many passionate adult Disney collectors who are willing to showcase their collections to other fans. We have spoken with some incredible people, and seen some amazing Disney collections. With so many adult Disney fans to interview, I’ve been wondering – why is Disney so popular among adults? For me, it’s largely about nostalgia – I love Disney as an adult, because it was such a large part of my childhood. I enjoy...

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The Best Disney Quotes of All Time

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  As children, we didn’t think too deeply about ‘the message’ behind Disney movies. No, we are not referring to subliminal messages (naked people in The Rescuers or phallic symbols on The Little Mermaid posters), We’re talking about the lessons - the morals - that are embedded into Disney films, that we can take away. As children we are more concerned with learning the lyrics to all the songs, spotting the hidden Mickey’s and making sure the Disney Princesses find their ‘Happily Ever After’, so we miss the deeply inspiring one-liners that often come from the most unlikely characters. As...

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Practically Perfect in Every Way

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  Just a Spoonful of Sugar: The Birth of Mary Poppins     Mary Poppins was born through the imagination of writer P.L. Travers, who published a series of eight children’s books from 1934 to 1988. The books follow a magical British nanny, ‘Mary Poppins’ who is blown by the Eastern wind to No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane, the home of the Banks children. The first three books are self-contained stories, which cover Mary arriving and leaving the Banks home, while the following five books depict flashbacks, of previous events from her three visits, which had been unrecorded. All eight...

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Living La Vintage Disney

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  . .Anyone who is familiar with our blog will know that Disney collecting has taken the world by storm. The mammoth world of Disney collectables is now comprised of millions of products, available in almost every country of the world. Every day, thousands of people shop online, at Disney Parks, and at stores all over the world who stock Disney products, buying brand new clothes, toys, DVDs and more – all of which are related to Disney films, or which depict their favorite characters in the Disney franchise.  Over the past year, we have been lucky enough to interview...

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°o° ---Top 13 Disney Theories--- °o°

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. By now most Disney fans have heard of the Pixar Theory. The Pixar Theory was created by Jon Negroni who argues that every Pixar film is tied into one grand narrative, in an interrelated universe. In other words, every Pixar film ever made can be put onto one timeline, mapping them into one unified world.     The emergence and popularity of the Pixar Theory has led Disney fans all over the internet to start speculating that all of Disney is connected, and we should be looking for these connections everywhere. Other theories have emerged which connect not only all...

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