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News — Disney Tattoos

Disney Cruising, Bounding and Tattoos: Melissa’s Disneyfied Life

Disney Disney Cruise Disney Tattoos Disneybounding The Little Mermaid

  . Melissa Weber, 42, of Kansas, came to Disney early on in life, through the energetic spirit of her quirky mother.   “Disney has been there all my life. My mom used to tell her grandkids that Minnie Mouse is her sister. She would wear Mickey/Minnie ears to work often! “   This imaginative, fun character brought Disney to life for Melissa, and she became eager to know more about Disney, and the wonderful characters and films within the Disney world. This led her to find The Little Mermaid.     Most Disney fans are enchanted by certain characters, and...

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Disney Ink: Meet the Disney fans who have immortalized their passion with tattoos

Aladdin Beauty and The Beast Disney Disney Art Disney Tattoos Jack Skellington Pocahontas The Lion King The Nightmare Before Christmas

  Last month we took a look at Why Disney is So Popular Among Adult - what makes adult Disney fans tick, as well as why Disney has become more popular among adults, than it has among children. We found that adult Disney fans like different aspects of Disney than children, and one of these is Disney tattoos. Disney fans all over the world have chosen to express their love for the Disney-verse by getting a tattoo. For Disney fans, these tattoos provide an opportunity for them to share their love for Disney with the world, and to see something of Disney...

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Why is Disney so Popular Among Adults?

Disney Disney Art Disney collectors disney figurine collection Disney Merchandise Disney Movies Disney Tattoos Disney Traditions Collection Disney World Disneyland DisneyWorld Sleeping Beauty Tangled Vintage Disney Walt Disney

. It has been over two years since we here at Hourloop established this blog for our readers. In that time, we have been lucky enough to interview many passionate adult Disney collectors who are willing to showcase their collections to other fans. We have spoken with some incredible people, and seen some amazing Disney collections. With so many adult Disney fans to interview, I’ve been wondering – why is Disney so popular among adults? For me, it’s largely about nostalgia – I love Disney as an adult, because it was such a large part of my childhood. I enjoy...

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The Disney Bucket List

Disney Disney Movies Disney Tattoos Disney World Disneyland DisneyWorld

  What is the Disney Bucket List? Now we’ve all heard of a ‘bucket list’, but this Disney Bucket list is the ultimate list of Disney related activities, goals, experiences and adventures that every Disney fan should have done by the time they ‘kick the bucket’.   What’s Different About the Disney Bucket List? This is not just a scraggly list of "things to do before death"  - this is a list of Disney related things that you want to do before you kick 'the bucket' - with a strong intention of doing those things. The Disney Bucket List is...

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Disney Tattoos: The Six Main Types

Disney Disney Art Disney Tattoos Mickey Mouse

  So you’re a Disney fan. You grew up watching the films on VHS and now use any cold or flu as an excuse to get back into your pyjamas and relive the magic on DVD or Blu-Ray. Perhaps you have even made the pilgrimage to one of the Disney Resorts or a Disney Show and listen to the soundtracks in the car. For those of us who were raised on Disney devotion, within this canon of films lie some of the most inspiring and encouraging moments of our childhood. Because Walt Disney has continued to influence and impact lives,...

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